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Really, I choose to go through this more then once!

Posted by Kimmy , 01 February 2012 · 668 views

Well me and my DH are waiting for my period so we can finally start our DE cycle. I am so excited to get things going but yet so nervous at the same time. I know how crappy it is to inject myself ( who am I kidding my DH does it) with so many needles. How your hormones go crazy and let's not forget the dreaded 2WW!! On top of all that as many...


Confused much

Posted by Kimmy , 04 September 2011 · 842 views

A week ago I had a plan, My DH and I were going to the states to do a donor cycle and it was going to work and we would live happily ever after. Things change. After my DH and I were accused of some things that were untrue we had a falling out with his brother. The things that were said were very hurtful but they got into our head (its hard not to let the...


Its about being happy (most of the time)

Posted by Kimmy , 09 August 2011 · 763 views

Today is a pretty good day. I have lots to do around my new house to keep my mind busy. People who don't know always say things like "It gets better with time" or "Good things come to those who wait" But those are people who don't know. People who have never gone through ART don't know that its always there. No matter where you...

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