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Sonograms and Sunshine

Posted by kkhetzel , 16 August 2011 · 850 views

On the second to last day of my summer vacation when I am usually just about to enter a serious state of depression about going back to work and losing my summer freedom; today I find myself absolutely happy.

Today was the next big appointment on our IVF journey, and it could not have gone any better. Since Brian was working my mom made the drive out to take me to my appointment. My appointment was scheduled for 9:00 am, and since Brian and I live about 20 minutes away from Dr. S’s office I asked my mom the night before to be at my house by 8:00. Realizing in the morning that this was too early I tried to get a hold of my mom at 7:05; which to no avail…which could only mean one of two things: either she was already on her way and would be to my house before 8:00 am, or that she was in the shower. When she didn’t answer her home phone or her cell again at 7:15 I realized that she was already on her way, and when the doorbell rang at 7:33 I knew that it was my Mommy on the other side of the door. Still in my pajamas, hair wet, half of my makeup on, and the few dishes in the sink that I meant to do before her arrival still undone I welcomed her in, and continued to finish getting ready. As I continued getting ready my Mom surfed the internet, checked her email, and saw her four legged grandsons Rylie and Bandit. Once I was dressed, and my hair barely styled we headed off to get our cash payment of $660.00

On our drive to the clinic I tried to verse my mom in the lingo, and the procedures that would be happening at today’s appointment. And, while I had thought that I had thoroughly described the procedures that would be performed at the days’ appointment, but I guess seeing is truly believing. Brian had also called on the drive to the clinic wanting to know the specifics of what the day would entail. Knowing that many of big results would be delivered while he was not present he wanted a play by play explanation upfront, so he knew exactly what to ask about on our next phone call. So what did the days’ appointment have in store? A saline sonogram and 3D ultrasound of my uterus, an egg fertility reserve ultrasound, a practice IVF embryo transfer, and a review of all of Brian’s’ and my blood work.

Let me begin where it started; in the waiting room. My mom and I walked in to the very spa like doctor’s office where I was greeted by name. The office was empty except for us. We were immediately asked to the back where I was asked to undress from the waist down. It was at this point that my mom saw the medical equipment on the table and her eyes widened. She looked at what looked like the world’s largest meat injector in fear, and I stared back with even more fear; after all I was the one that this thing was going to be inserted into.

The procedures began.

We started with the Saline Sonogram and 3D Ultrasound of my uterus which consists of a catheter being inserted through my cervix, through the uterine wall, and into the uterus where the large meat injector pushed a constant flow of saline solution into my uterus. This was by far the weirdest and most awkward feeling I had ever had. My uterus rose and fell, hardened and softened, and contracted and released as they pushed more and more fluid in because what goes in must come out. While they were pushing the solution in Dr. S was using an ultrasound machine to do a 2D sonogram of my uterus, and once she had everything placed in the proper position she switched to an internal 3D ultrasound wand where she evaluated my lining, my ovaries, and the position of my cervix. Everything was, “Beautiful, my you have beautiful ovaries!” to which I of course pronounced that I had been working hard to keep them looking so perfect. It was now time for the egg fertility reserve test. This test is a way for Dr. S to tell how fertile I am predicted to be. They want to see a combined total of ten eggs between my two ovaries to even be considered fertile. Dr. S started on my right ovary and began to count one, two, three… eighteen, and nineteen! She then moved to my left ovary and began to count again one, two, three… eleven and twelve! A total of 31 eggs in current reserve! Waaaaaaaaaaaa Hooooooooooooo! This test was another instant relief!

Onto the practice IVF embryo transfer; this my friends is what I like to call the GPS to Babyland. While the procedures up to this point were uncomfortable they were not too painful; the pain didn’t course through my body until the trial IVF embryo transfer. This procedure used a much thicker catheter guided by ultrasound to find the perfect home for our future embryos. The cramping that came with the insertion of this catheter was unbearable. The tears flowed, and my mom who was there for my moral support was squeezing my hand much harder than I could have ever squeezed hers. She was watching in pure empathy for me as if she were the one going through the experience. I have seen this look on my mom’s face before… whenever we watch A Baby Story and the women are in labor she sits in her recliner and pushes with the women, but this time she was helping me through the pain by trying to add more pain to my hand than what was happening below the belt. Unfortunately, Dr. S put the catheter in just a smidge to far which caused the cramp to be worse than it should have been, but as soon as it was moved the pain subsided except for in my hand. Everything went great with this test as well and it was time to get dressed, and move into the teaching room to go over the blood work, and our future schedule. I got up and felt like I had lost all control of my bladder as the remainder of the saline solution drained which I was warned about, and given a pad to prevent further accidents throughout the day GROSS!

We were escorted to the teaching room where the nurse practitioner quickly ran over all of the blood tests that Brian and I had given and everything was fine. There was only one test that I was worried about and that was because I freaked myself out when I saw a positive test result for VZV. Well, once I goggled it I realized that all of my worry was a bit ridiculous because VZV is chickenpox, and if you have had chickenpox you will be positive which equals immune, so the positive result was a good thing. My thyroid level was within the normal range, but apparently women whose thyroid level is at 2.5 have higher success rates, so I have been put on a thyroid medication to lower my levels slightly.We then talked about our schedule for the upcoming months that would include a regimen of birth control, and then injections followed by the egg retrieval, fertilization, and embryo transfer. Birth control will start on cycle day one which is the start of menstruation; depending on when I start we could be doing the egg retrieval at the end of September or the end of October just depending on when I start my cycle. I was thrilled with day, and couldn’t wait to call Brian and tell him all the news!

Brian’s reaction was priceless! He was so happy and excited to have all the preliminary testing completed with such great results. He called his dad, his mom, and his grandmother to share the news with them as if it was the best day of his life. It made me so happy to see him so excited about becoming one step closer to being a daddy. I think the hug that I got when I finally saw Brian was one of my favorite hugs ever.

I began writing this blog yesterday, but was a bit too out of it to get past the opening two paragraphs. So that means that today is my last day of summer vacation and I chose to spend it out in the sunshine on my back patio with my laptop writing this blog, and even now that the ibuprofen has worn off I am still actually okay with the idea of going back to work because it means that the time for our family is getting closer, and that is exciting. So for now I am going to enjoy the great results of the sonograms, and the beautiful rays of the sun, for my classroom has no windows.

Congratulations, and good luck!
Best of luck!

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