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What to Expect when You Aren't Expecting...

Posted by kkhetzel , 31 July 2011 · 766 views

IVF First Appointment Protocol
Our Decision:

It took Brian and me over a month to be seen by our choice of IVF doctors once we had finally made our choice of doctor and clinic. The actual choice of clinic and doctor took us over three months to actually make. However; with the use of www.sart.org , personal phone calls, pricing information, statistics, and overall success rates we finally decided on a doctor in Parker, CO who we found an initial confidence in.

Before the Consultation:

I think Brian and I would agree that the few days and hours leading up to this appointment were very exciting, and very nerve wrecking. I went as far as to plan out my outfit, give myself a pedicure, and shave my legs and goodies just in case there was an internal exam. No one wants to go before a bright light and microscope lens without looking their best; no matter which part of the body it may be.

Considering Brian had to work up until the appointment I set out his clothes (hoping there was time for a shower, for Brian has a very physical job) and, awaited his homecoming as if it was Christmas morning for a child. Once Brian arrived home and was able to shower. Both of our fears, excitements, and insecurities were brought to the forefront.

On the drive to the clinic we may have only spoken ten words to each other; for we were both terrified and elated about what was about to happen. Yet, I had to check my Facebook page one last time before we went in. And, it was at this moment that my brother-in-law left me a very kind and sweet note saying, “I have been thinking about this all day, and I am so very excited for you guys.”

A simple post, but a wonderful post, and it was after reading this post (just moments before walking into our appointment) I began to cry out of trepidation, exhilaration, and pent up frustration when my wonderfully supportive and all too calm husband grabbed my hand, and demandingly said, “Pull yourself together! You can’t be crying in the waiting room, you’ll make us look ridiculous! Pull yourself together!” So, I did. I wiped the tears from my eyes and made sure that my freshly applied makeup was spotless; we kissed, said we love each other, and went in for the biggest doctors’ appointment of our lives.

The Initial IVF Consultation:

After waiting the four months from when we began looking into IVF clinics to the day of our first appointment (yesterday) we became more and more educated about the subjects of IVF, ICSI, Chromosomal testing, Medications, and the whole process. At this point when our doctor considered us to be “New Patients” we could have taken the doctor through the entire booklet that she shared with us on our own. I think Brian was even impressed with how much he knew as we began our first appointment.

Dr. S. was so personable and down to Earth that we found an immediate confidence in her: not only because of her treatment knowledge, and her openness to speak frankly with us, but also with her bedside manner, and positive outlook for our future.

We began our first appointment with showing up twenty minutes early to fill out paperwork, to have pictures taken, and to wait anxiously for another ten minutes (since we showed up way too early, but we didn’t want to be late for our first appointment, and give a bad impression!) We were the last appointment of the day, so we were the only couple in the entire office. It was vacant except for us and the nurses.

Once we were finally called back into the offices out of the waiting room we were escorted to a rather small section where I was asked for my weight, blood pressure and pulse, and while I am positive my blood pressure, cholesterol, and all other limits were way beyond high. I walked back into the patient area with my husband supportively looking on, and the room covered in pictures of babies that they had successfully produced through IVF. I stopped focusing my attention on my anxiety and fears, and started focusing it on the beautiful babies that surrounded me on the walls. It was at this moment that I truly felt this could really happen for Brian and I, and I started to see our birth announcement(s) on the wall. I felt calm.

After the initial medical procedures Brian and I were escorted to the private office in the back where we met Dr. S for the first time. This meeting couldn’t have gone better! Dr. S. reassured Brian that his sperm count was no longer an issue, and that now all we had to do was make sure the quality of my eggs were what they expected. Then Dr. S. walked us through our beginning phases, and what was to be expected in the near future. I had to complete my day three hormones, my egg quality test, another routine pap smear, and have all infectious diseases retested all within the next week. Brian had to have all of his infectious diseases re-run as well, even though we just had these tests done recently, but to ensure all the quality, and health of all the eggs at the clinic we of course obliged.

Our Protocol:

Once we had all of the initial testing completed in the week to come, the ball was officially rolling, and might I add the ball was rolling not down a level slope, but rather a steep slope of productivity! Once the initial testing was performed and I had started my period (only a few days away from now) I would be put on birth control for three to six weeks to suppress my ovaries for the big O! My RN believes I should only have to be on birth control for three to six weeks, which means depending on my exact cycle days, and my ovaries “readiness” I could begin injections at the beginning of September, leading to embryo transfer at the end of September. However, if my cycle is even a day late it could push us back until the end of October, but the way Brian and I see it is at least we have a goal in sight now. Once I know more about my protocol you will too, it is just too soon to know too much as of yet.

Our Outlook:

Brian and I had been dreading, and awaiting this appointment for so long, I think the reality of it all is still setting in; especially since we were re-confronted by the price of it all today as well. We are planning on spending over $17,000 when it is all said and done, but once again; who ever said having a baby was cheap? All Brian and I know is that this will be the most wanted, loved, and well cared for baby in our history. And, we are excited to welcome he/she into the world!

I love you lovebug and I can’t wait to have a baby with you!

Wishing you the best of luck as you start this process!
Thank you so much! We appreciate it!

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