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On this Family Day...a date with my RE...how befitting

Posted by nextchapter , 20 February 2012 · 1248 views

So me and DH had a follow up appointment to my failed FET (this is after two fresh cycles, one resulting in a positive but I m/c at 7 weeks) with my RE on Family Day!
He's told us once and he told us again, we should've been pregnant. We have put a total of 6 eggs in an no live birth came from it. He also mentioned that because I had a "sticky" embryo for my FET (one of the embryos got stuck in the catheter) that almost always resulted in a positive. It's frusterating for us and for him as well as he can't give us a clear answer except we should be pregnant by now. So this is what he told us for our next step if I can remember correctly.
1. Immunity testing and also some testing for recurrant miscarriages (even though I only had one they reccommend this test if you've had 3 or 4 m/c but in my case he is requesting it)
2. Uterine lining biopsy to check to see if there is any inflmmation. I highly doubt there is any inflammation but it's free and only minorly discomforting as he told me.
3. A hysteroscopy- this means they put a camera (i think) into my uterus to "agitate" my uterus as he seems to think this can result in a pregnancy (by agitating my uterus)
4. An April/May fresh cycle in which he recommends we transfer 3 embryos (not 2)...wow! that was a shocker..

This seems like a good plan. He told me that he has seen 4 other couples that are/were in the same frusterating boat (young, day 5 embryos, no implanation) and for those that became pregnant it took them around 3 fresh cycles. Our April/May will be our third fresh cycle.

Dr. Roberts (from PCRM) did a good job comforting me and assuring me that I will get pregnant and that he will be more aggressive this time around (hence #2-4 options). He helped us out by giving us Lupron for free and a free 900 Gonal-F pen for our next cycle-- so that's around $1100 of our next cycle. Our cycles typically run $13,000 so any reduction helps us.

So we have two months of natural conception until our fresh cycle. I ovulated this past weekened and we bd last week so only time will tell. I know there are other couples in similar situations as us--it'd be nice to hear from y'all!

We are older than you, we were 34 when we started IVF but at first we were told that we had a good chance of getting pregnant becuause we were relatively young with lots of great embryos. After the first tranfer didn't work The Re was still positive about our chances of getting pregnant, after the second he started looking for reasons why it wasn't working. We recently transfered our 7th and 8th embryos...i never thought it would have gone this way. We've had some changes to our protocol this time and last so hopefully it will work this time. I hope you have success soon!
Feb 20 2012 09:01 PM
Thanks Yvonne..I understand how you feel..I never thought I'd be down this road of 6 failed embryos...and now the possibility of having 3 embryos transfered at one time! With my track record, I can see it resulting in twins or a singleton..not triplets..
I wish you much sticky vibes!!
Feb 20 2012 09:26 PM
I had the biopsy, the hysteroscopy, and some immune treatments thrown in the mix. It's worth trying whatever you can. I'd feel leary about transferring more than 2 embryos though.
Feb 20 2012 09:48 PM
I know it's scary to think that three embryos can implant, but my RE wants to be aggressive and I feel it could work..it's worth trying
I'm so glad that he is doing the immune testing for you. Awesome!!!! I think you had a great WTH follow up..:)
I am in the same boat as you !! Im young, have had 7 healthy blast transfers and zero live births. My dr says the same thing "we totally expected you to be pregnant by now", so frustrating to hear when you dont have any answers !! I have done the recurrent m/c blood work, as well as the biopsies. I am now being sent for laproscopy and to another dr. who specializes in pregnancy loss for more immune testings. At this point, I say try anything as I know how upsetting it is not having answers !! I wish you the best of luck !!!!
Feb 21 2012 06:19 PM
Thanks zoe101! let's hope the biopsy and hysteroscopy will do something..I just can't believe the doc reccommends to transfer 3 eggs...at least i have a couple months to let that sink in..
Hey, I'm in a similar boat of being young with no answers and feeling so frustrated by it all. I've only gone through IVF once but it the 5 failed IUI cycles are a mystery too.
Be grateful that you have the option of trying in all your off months. Unless we're actively trying, it's a wasted month in my eyes :-(

In regards to three eggs, it's your call but if you're going to go with it you should discuss how you feel about reducing if all three stick. You need to weigh out how you both feel before putting yourself at that risk.

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