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FET is done..now what?

Posted by nextchapter , 22 January 2012 · 1237 views

I feel very unsure now. I had my FET on Friday and now we just wait. DH is already asking me what are we going to do if this fails. I can't even go there right now. I need all my energy in this cycle and not the next cycle.

Another doctor did my FET, not my RE. It's unfortunate, I'm not superstitious but my RE did my last ET and I got a BFP, but I try not to think about that. It's hard b/c I'm sure anyone in my shoes think, well why did that cycle work? What did I do differently? and this transfer wasn't all smooth sailing. The doc had a hard time putting the catheter in me since my uterus is a littler curved so that was a little unsettling. Then when the transfer was happening, apparently one embryo was still "retained" or stuck to the catheter. So I had to wait a few more minutes while the did their thing in the other room with my embryo. The doc didn't assure me that this was common, in fact he told me it only occurs 2-3 times a year. Of course he said it won't compromise the chances of my conceiving. Let's hope!

My last ET was on a Wed, so I took the day off from work but went back to work on Thursday. So I was moving around more, walking, sitting, delving into work and not worrying. This FET was on a Friday so I have the whole weekend and Monday (a doctors appointment) to lounge around, not do house work, cook a dinner hear and there and take it easy- body wise, not mental wise. Which is better? The doctor told me to take it easy and prop the legs and relax. So I did and I am doing that.

My Beta is on Jan 30. In EIGHT days...I plan to POAS at 7 days past FET. My "symptoms" feel different from my BFP cycle. I don't really have those uterine twinges, but I do have some ovary sensitivity and I don't know if that's a good think or not. Who knows....They implanted a 4BB and a 2AB..The 2AB probably won't grow because before freezing it, it wasn't growing, but I guess you never know..

Here's to the 8 day wait!

FX for you!
FX! Eight days past FET is really early, but you never know what can happen!
Jan 23 2012 11:27 AM
Sending good thoughts your way!!!! FX
All the best for you? How do you feel now? Any symptoms?
I have become pregnant only once but have been told that each is very different. So try to relax and know that what is meant to be will be. You have done your best try till this point and now it is all up to the faith, chance, destiny or what ever you might call it ;). I have my FX ;)
Jan 24 2012 07:46 PM
Thanks everyone for the wishes!!
Ames- 8 days past FET isn't early- it's actually day 13. I transfered 5 day embryos so I wait 9 days (5+9) which works to be day 14 for my beta.
It gets kinda confusing..i would want to take it at day 11 but that's a bit early i think..so I'll wait until the day before my beta test.

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