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On the eve of my HPT for my natural cycle

Posted by nextchapter , 23 November 2011 · 750 views

So ladies, I will be taking a HPT Thursday morning- 13dpo. This is a natural cycle after my miscarriage and although my DH has statistically calculated we have less than a 4% chance of naturally conceiving, I cannot give up hope. I have no head aches or PMS symptoms before my period which is a good sign don't ya think? Usually I get head aches and my DH tells me I'm acting all PMSssy... I do have a larger appetite and that is indicative of my period so we will see.

It would be such a wonderful thing for us to have this dream come true. After all we have been through- LOSS after LOSS and LOSS (losing my mother, losing our house, losing our cat, losing our dog, losing my 7 week old baby) wouldn't it be nice if GOD or the universe gave back to us?

Even with this hope, I am still extremely practical and logical and understand scientifically we don't stand much of a chance actually. I mean we TTC'd for almost 2 years and even though I didn't chart or temp( I am a pretty regular cycle girl-28 days on the dot every month) no baby or pregnancy.

I'm hoping that because I was actually pregnant and we tried naturally soon after my miscarriage my body is prepped for pregnancy. I know it sounds weird but that's how I justify it. I'm ready for my next chapter in life.

I'm corssing my fingers, toes and anything I can cross for a positive but in the same breath won't be surprised if i get a negative.

I will thinking of you tomorrow. FX for you!
You have the right attitude. HOPE!!!! The only way to succeed is to NEVER give up. so keep trying and add prayers to that receipy.
Good Luck :)
Nov 25 2011 11:42 PM
Thanks for your kind wishes..i took the HPT test and came back negative..but still no period..maybe on the weekend..who knows..will be doing FET once this period comes..so baby dust for Jan FET!!!

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