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Time to Wait...and be Optimistic

Posted by nextchapter , 19 September 2011 · 839 views

Today was my ET day! I was super excited when they told me that my quality of eggs increased from last cycle. They put in a 2AB and a 2B+ in and I may have some frosties! I asked the embryologist about the B+ and she said she couldn't decide if it was a B or A!! how great is that?
I feel super optimistic this time around. The first time (last cycle) I was unsure and getting to know what is involved and now I can just focus on the hope of being pregnant. This cycle was different too and I did different things- I started taking baby aspirin this cycle, I upped my Vit C and Fish oil amounts, I opted out of doing pineapple core, I'm laying low on eating eggs (last cycle I ate more eggs and dairy, this cycle not so much), and I'm feeling "pregnant." I've been complaining about nausea and picky eating to Dr. Roberts today and he suggested it's probably because of the hcg shot--this never happened last time and I took the same amount (10,000 units..the whole thing)
So now I'm officially PUPO for the second time...wish me luck!

Best of luck!! I hope you are making a happy post in the weeks to come!
Wishing you the best of luck! I hope that you get your BFP!!!
Best of luck! Sounds like a great cycle so far! :)
Fingers crossed for you! I can sense your excitement! :Emoticons09710:
Nextchapter it is going to be your time for sure. Wow, you have blasts!!! They are going to make it!!!! Good luck
Sounds like things have gone really well this cycle. Fingers crossed for you!!! Dr Roberts is pretty awesome isn't he?

Sep 22 2011 08:33 PM
thanks all for your well wishes... and Heather S. Dr. Roberts was great! he did a great Egg Transfer (better than Havelock) and Dr. Seethram did a fantastic ER (much better than Havelock again..) FX FX FX!

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