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Is this a sign?

Posted by nextchapter , 11 September 2011 · 833 views

I haven't been on the forum much since I started back at work. I am a Special Education Assistant at an elementary school so this first week has been super hectic. To top it all off, I had to go to PCRM 2x before work which meant waking up at 5:30 AM to make it at 7 to be one of the first for 7:30 and to make it to work by 8:30! Needless to say I was exhausted last week. And, to add to all of this, my arms/fingers have been "acting" up because of all the typing I'm doing on my new laptop. So no laptop for the week. Even writing this is a bit bothersome but let's hope I don't have a setback on my recovery.

So, every new school year there are new teachers that come to work. I noticed one off the bat pregnant and thought, good, must be a sign that it'll be my turn soon. Then on Friday I learned that another teacher is pregnant (18 weeks I believe she said). What struck me was that when she was talking about it she said "oh and this one is up here so it's difficult to eat a full meal even when I'm hungry"--when I heard this I immediately asked "So you're having twins?" And she replied, "Yes." Then she mentioned that another teacher is also pregnant and is along the same time schedule (a few days behind her). I was floored by this information. So while i was processing all this baby news, this woman began talking about her and the other teacher's struggles of trying to conceive. Then she said she had help...and I just exploded on her with questions..I was soo taken aback by all this and soo excited that here is someone close to me, that works with me, who did an IUI and now is 18 weeks pregnant with twins. Amazing! Although this was her first IUI, it was nice knowing there is someone at my work that I can talk to.

So over the weekend I'm thinking, is this a sign? Three ladies at my school are pregnant and another teacher could be but won't make any guesses yet. So let's hope this is a sign that it'll be my turn next. I go for my ET next week. Wish me luck!

Wishing you the best of luck :Emoticons09710:
Good luck!!! I would see this as a positive sign too!!!! I really hope your transfer goes well!!!
Sep 12 2011 07:41 AM
Best of luck to you! It's always nice to have somebody to talk to :)
Sep 12 2011 09:38 AM
It's a sign that there isn't "something in the water", or that you might get pregnant by sitting on the same chair -but get ready for those comments to start flying around the school. I hope this cycle is your magic one.
Sep 12 2011 10:32 AM
I wonder if hormones can play a role in getting pregnant. Like how women's cycles match up if they're around each other, maybe if you're around a bunch of pregnant women the hormones/pheromones/whatever will convince your body it's time. I got pregnant when I got moved in my job to working near a pregnant co-worker, not that we were working really closely together, but still. An interesting idea anyway. I hope this is it for you!
Sep 12 2011 08:10 PM
thanks frostedlemon! I hope being in the same building counts! The ladies who are pregnant are primary teachers and I support an intermediate student so I'm not physically close to these women but do seem them in the halls! Doing my ET on Wed! wish me luck!!!!!!!!!! :-)

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