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I'm sure people think i'm crazy...

Posted by nextchapter , 24 August 2011 · 1445 views

So I'm bored right now and since me and DH got a new MacBook Air thought i'd break it with this blog post. Not many people know that me and DH are on a primal diet. Not a lot of people even know what that is..heck I'm not so sure myself (but DH says we are doing paleo). Primal is low carb and natural products. In the low carb diets...


Debrief After Failed IVF/ICSI

Posted by nextchapter , 19 August 2011 · 940 views

So today I went to PCRM (my husband cursing all the way there wishing we didn't have give them even more money)to do the injection teaching for Lupron and to pay for the cycle ($7,700). I also briefly spoke to Dr. Roberts about my failed cycle. He told me that I should be pregnant. Everything on paper said that this was a go. So I asked him what...


IVF/ICSI New Protocol

Posted by nextchapter , 10 August 2011 · 635 views

So PCRM called me today to let me know my new protocol. I will be on the bcp from the 5th-24th. I will be starting Lupron on the 20th until my ER. I stim from the 1st of Sep till the 12th at the latest. My ER is between Sep 13-15 and my ET is between the 18-20.I guess I am on a long Lupron protocol? This is all new to me. My last (first cycle) I only got...


2nd Time's A Charm?

Posted by nextchapter , 08 August 2011 · 803 views

So this is my first blog post to this community. My DH doesn't want me to pour our life stories (he assumes I will spill the guts and tell random people anything and everything about our lives, which is partly true)on here and I respect him for that. So we are doing round two of IVF/ICSI back to back. I got my stinking period on the day I was to get m...

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