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Biting my tongue during the holidays

Posted by nextchapter , 14 December 2011 · 1030 views

The holiday season is in full effect and next week I will be seeing and staying with the in-laws. I usually enjoy my time there but the MIL has secret tactics to extract information from me or DH and it's oh soo hard not to say anything. My MIL often judges people and judges us A LOT! She is highly passive aggressive and gets snarky after a few da...


Another Chance for a BFP

Posted by nextchapter , 01 December 2011 · 1155 views

It's wonderful to think that I have another chance for a BFP. We will be doing a FET in January and I am looking forward to the possibility of being pregnant again. After my m/c we decided to try a natrual BDing cycle, but no such luck. With some time after my m/c I feel I am ready to do it again.My DH and I have a plan. Right now, we are renting a 1...

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