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House of Lords

Posted by Peter , 17 April 2007 · 536 views

I was invited to speak at the UK House of Lords today on stem cell technology.They were very positive about cord blood stem cell technology and hopefully the UK will now start developing this technology like the rest of the world.


New Job!

Posted by Peter , 13 March 2007 · 567 views

As of today I have a new job working as a Senior Scientist with a biotech company called NovaThera ( will be working on various aspects of stem cell technology.


"soft" IVF

Posted by Peter , 06 March 2007 · 566 views

The latest thinking (and my thoughts for about 20 years) is for very gentle ovarian stimulation and single embryo transfers.Most patients at present spend a fortune on stimulatory drugs, risk potentially fatal OHSS and run a high risk of multiple pregnancy and all the related socio-economic effects. A complete re-think is needed and 'soft' IVF mig...


Racism at MIT?

Posted by Peter , 12 February 2007 · 913 views

The letter below is from Prof James Sherley at MIT who feels that his tenure has been declined because of racist motives. Very scary..........Dear Colleagues and MIT Faculty at Large:>> Many of you are aware that I am currently engaged in a hunger strike to > end racism in minority tenure promotions at MIT.  The strike started on > Monday,...


Fertility Tourists

Posted by Peter , 07 February 2007 · 478 views

Massive variations in international regulations and fees is making the fertility tourist a reality.Medical tourism has been around for a few years now in various specialities. As long as fertility patients are treated ethically. professionally and responsibly I can't see any objection.A clinic in the Seychelles might be a good idea.......................

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