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Just numb

Posted by Iman77 , 10 January 2012 · 2025 views

I'm in perpetual hell, first years of struggling to get this far in the firm belief that if I could get pregnant everything would be ok. I never imagined pregnancy itself to be full of so many pit holes, peaks and troughs. One moment I'm normal, all's well, the next I'm bleeding and being wheeled around the ER. After weeks of worry and fea...


Clot threatens pregnancy

Posted by Iman77 , 06 December 2011 · 1482 views

I had my follow up appointment this morning with my obgyn after yesterday's drama in the ER and bleeding.It appears that the placenta previa is only partial and not something he is hugely concerned about for now.Unfortunately a clot has been discovered behind the placenta which he said could either resolve itself as my uterus grows, or it could expand...


Bleeding at 14

Posted by Iman77 , 05 December 2011 · 2771 views

After 10 years and three rounds of IVF I finally got my BFP in September. I am 14 weeks along and woke up to bleeding when I went to the bathroom. Terrified I called the obgyn and was told to go to the ER.I was put on an IV, had a scan and blood work. Scan showed all well with baby but have been diagnosed with placenta previa and put on bed rest for today...


It came in threes...

Posted by Iman77 , 19 September 2011 · 3126 views

After 10 years, 7 failed IUI's and 2 failed IVF's I made it to the very first BFP of my life. I had dreamed and wondered what it would be like to see two lines on the HPT...and when it happened I sat staring in disbelief, my mouth open as I both screamed and cried the way you'd expect someone to who had a BFN. I stayed in shock for ages, stari...


Socially excluded or just reclusive?

Posted by Iman77 , 07 September 2011 · 1562 views

Over my 10 year struggle with IF so many relationships have fallen by the way side. I have three brothers and no sisters, so I grew up very close to my female cousins. One by one they all had their babies and as the years went by and their children grew and multiplied they felt increasingly awkward around me. At family get togethers my cousins would all s...


IVF: Take three and...action...

Posted by Iman77 , 03 September 2011 · 1061 views

So, here I am already. I can't believe how quickly it's show time. I know my role really well as this is the third time I get to star as the IVF patient. I just got back from the clinic and apparently will be triggering tonight with egg retrieval on labor day (how appropriate!). I don't know how I got type cast in the role of the infertile...


Am I eligible for parole yet?

Posted by Iman77 , 31 August 2011 · 1276 views

So, it's day 8 of the stims and I find myself struggling already. It's been rough this time, but then the two previous IVF's were hardly a breeze either. It was so awful this morning, two nurses who are usually very good vampires couldn't get a drop out of either arm. I swallowed a whole large bottle of nesquik on my way over to the clinic...


Idiot's guide to infertility

Posted by Iman77 , 23 August 2011 · 1382 views

I'm not sure if I'm the only one who has to remind themselves that IF has nothing to do with intelligence. I am not stupid because we haven't managed to concieve for 10 years. Why do I feel stupid? Perhaps it's the implication of others who say, "Have you tried relaxing/adoption/sex/vacations/acupuncture/praying/meditation, etc, etc?...


If you're angry and you know it stamp your feet

Posted by Iman77 , 12 August 2011 · 1548 views

I am all set to begin my new protocol for my third IVF next week. Nurses, Dr's and clueless family members in the know have asked me if I am "excited."I can fill the dining table from one end to the other with the drugs I have to take, and I've been through this hell twice before, "excitement" is not a word I associate with IVF.  :...


Battered IVF Syndrome

Posted by Iman77 , 26 July 2011 · 907 views

So far IVF has been all tease and no please. It promises the end to all this heartache, and yet, every time, I come out of it bruised, battered and a little poorer. At the end of each try I said "Never again" only to find that failure was only tolerable if I knew I could and would try again. I feel like I'm addicted to the thing that brings me...

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