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Where did my eggs go?

Posted by Raspberry , 01 February 2011 · 1393 views

This is my first blog and first IVF ..and you always remember your first.

A little bit about me…I’m 34 years old been TTC’ing almost 3 years. I have stage 4 endo. I always had a good follicle count between 6-10 on each side.

In October my DH and I decided it’s time for our first try,,called in for my day 1 started the BCP and booked the sono + biopsy with the RE. A week later excited and nervous we drove to Victoria from Vancouver already planning our future..The appointment started really well..yes I have an endometrioma on the left ovary but the AFC is good..6 on the left 10 on the right..good news I guess..? then during the sono we found out I had 0.5 mm polyp in my uterus..my RE suggested surgery and asked me not to stop the BCP..it might be a help to control the endo as well. My surgery was on Jan 18th..went really well the RE cleaned out the uterus and gave me a go ahead to start the Suprefact injections on the 19th.
A week later stop the BCP but continue to inject the Suprefact. Then come back On January 31st for the baseline u/s and blood work. So we did…

We drove to Victoria yesterday morning again very excited and nervous to start our little IVF journey…during the u/s I was really nervous but kept listening to the RE. He measured the endometrioma still there..then my lining 2 mm..?? Then the shock..i had only 2 follicle on the right side..and he measured a 1.3 cm cyct as well..He didn’t say anything..just please come to the front. I always knew that having a cysts on the baseline u/s not a good thing..but I was kinda focusing on why I only have 2 follicles..where did my eggs go..??? Am I over suppressed because of the BCP..?? But then where did the cyst come from..?? I was on the pill for 3 months and injecting Suprefact for 10 days..??
The RE changed my protocol from 75 iu Luveris to 75 iu Menapur..
Of course the clinic called us last night please do not start your other injections my Estrogen is still a bit high 300…kinda expected..continue the Suprefact and go for a blood test on Friday…

Did this ever happened to you..?? Should I continue ..or just cancel and start Plan B..?? But what is plan B..?? I’m sooo confused…..??

Please help…

Feb 01 2011 01:25 PM
So sorry things haven't progressed like they should. 3 months on BCP's sounds like a long time. I have no personal experience on suppression with BCP's since my AFC is the same no matter what but there are definitely those who are sensitive to fluctuating hormones and its stand to reason that they could be easily effected (both good and bad). That said, despite a possible delay, perhaps its a good thing your body responds to it so well, hopefully that means you'l respond to everything else really well and it will only mean a short delay. Many hugs.
I'm so confused about all the different protocols, but I never took BCP, would doing a protocol without birth control pills help? I did synarel, before starting injections, not sure if synarel does the same thing as BCP?
My clinic doesn't use any bcp, only Suprefact nasal spray for suppression, I ? if they they think BCP can cause over suppression. Hoping you get better news soon. Wishing you lots of luck!
Thank You ladies!! But if i'm over suppressed where did the cyst come from? The clinic is not conserned about my 2 follicales the RE said i'm still young i might responde well to the drugs..but i can't start until my E is under 150..i guess the cyst is active..My only answer is that i must had this cyst before i started taking the BCP..Come on Friday...hurry up..Thanks Again!!
Raspberry, I also had 2 cysts on my ovary when starting, the BCP didnt make them go away, but I had those 2 cysts all the way up to ER, they just knew where they were and never measured them, it was my understanding that they couldnt medicate you to grow your follicles if you had cysts, but they did with me..
Hi Rasp. I've had 7 transfers in total (5 IVF and 2 FET, currently PUPO after 5th IVF). Of those, I've had 4 implantations so far, and 3 of them happened when NOT on BCP. I'm not a fan of BCP myself, but had to use it when doing donor egg cycles. If you're comfortable waiting, I'd take a couple of months off BCP to get your cycle back to normal. It's possible to do IVF without BCP, but you have to have a regular cycle. I hate taking meds and have questioned them along the way, but one thing I've learned is that Dr H is always right, so now I just trust him! Good luck!
I hate the BCP with a passion, but I have to admit that out of my three IVFs, the one where I didn't use BCP was by far the worst in terms of AFC and response to meds.Good luck, Raspberry! Every cycle is different, so don't get discouraged. It's probably just a temporary glitch. And don't be scared to ask Dr H lots of questions - I'm sure he's used to it by now!
Sorry to hear of your frustrating news. I wish I had some advice to offer, but I really don't :th_angrywife: It is true that each step of the cycle can turn up surprising results, and the RE is learning about them as he goes, so hard to know what to do. Maybe run by those scenarios with him about cancelling and what that would look like time- and money-wise.
Thanks aagin Ladies!!I e-mailed DR H i hope he'll answer today. I'm really thinking about cancelling...but i'm sure they would like to see my E level on Friday.Then i can take it from there..
DR H just called me..we're cancelling this cycle. He wants me to wait for this to resolve the cyst itself. He's going to monitor my levels weekly. Once the progesterone level goes up i can start the Suprefact again..then wait for my period and start again. I feel really good about this..i hope it works out and 3rd try is the charm. :th_angrywife:
Hi raspberry I cycled with 2 cysts(endometriomas),one 9x9 and the other only 4. I got the best results from that cycle.A cyst may go away with time but an endometriomas won't. Perhaps talk to your doc about doing the protocol that does not involve initial suppression?
I hope your 3rd try is the charm :)
Feb 01 2011 09:11 PM
Oh Raspberry, I'm sorry you had to cancel. I hope the cyst resolves soon and you are able to start again.
Feb 04 2011 01:57 PM
Ahh, Raspberry - I just now realized that your cycle was cancelled. On one hand my heart goes out to you on the delay but on the other I'm so glad. It seems like a no brainer to take a step back and try again with all guns loaded rather than continuing with only a fraction of what should be there.GL

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