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What I Learned from American Dad

Posted by michelleo , 08 February 2011 · 883 views

A while ago I was watching American Dad, so funny. Francine says to Stan "Stan, we need to talk about my parents coming to live with us cause they are getting old" and Stan procedes to take her to "counselling" where one of his CIA buddies hypnotizes her to forget about moving her folks in and anything else he thought she could do without like not getting her a birthday gift or saying she looked fat in that dress, things like that. She wakes up and feels great about their session and doesn't remember a thing.
Next year she says "Stan we need to talk about my parents moving in with us cause they are getting old" and he runs through the whole hypnotizing thing again as he does every year when she mentions her parents.
This time though the CIA guy gets pissed at Stan for being rude to him and UN-hypnotizes Francine and she now remembers EVERYTHING! After a turn in the dog house Francine goes to Stan and says "Stan, when I said that I wanted to talk about moving my parents in, I didn't mean that I wanted them to live here just that I wanted to talk about them living here, so you could be my sounding board" He says "ok lets talk about it" Francines answer is "I don't think my parents should move in with us because it would be awful!"
So Stan had gone through all that trouble, all those years needlessly!

What does this story have to do with IF you might ask? Well when I used to say to DH "DH, we need to talk about adoption" he would get uncomfortable and skirt around the issue or try to change the topic. But after seeing that episode I said to him "remember that american dad where Stan hypnotized Francine but it turned out that she just wanted to talk about her thing and not actually do it? well all I want to do is talk about adoption, not that I want to adopt, I just want to be able to either have it as an option or rule it out as something we aren't interested in" He actually sat down with me and we had the first serious, real conversation about IF since this whole thing started.

And that's what I learned from American Dad!

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Funny how a sitcom can actually be of value, huh?What I find always works with my DH is "not announcing" the talks. Instead of saying: I want us to have a talk about adoption, I would say: Do you think you would be willing to adopt? He's got to answer then... Its a trap! :Emoticons09710:
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so i guess by approching it differantly i might get a "good" conversation.....i will try that tonight
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