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Today life sucks...tonight rum is going to help.

Posted by michelleo , 20 January 2011 · 873 views

So here it is... the "specialists" tell me to take a $9 bottle of aspirin and call them in the morning (the morning six months from now)Then they say, "you should talk to the extra special specialist, our people will call their people and get you a reservation. So I wait. Then I get the call that their rock star dr. can fit me in, woohoo, finally some medication, some answers, some action!

Well I get up this morning, shower, blowdry my hair, blow the breaker in my house (awesome), and drive my rear end down to Calgary. I get there and I am expecting a lady dr. but this man walks in and sits down. He says "did you bring your chart with you?" WTF? Really? No I did not bring my chart, crap.
So I am immediately freaking out on top of being nervous and he begins to ask me questions about my history that I didn't think I was going to have answer since they were all in my chart. I kept it together while talking about my first 2 m/c's then he asked about the 3rd and...i don't know, maybe it's too fresh but I break down and begin crying and thats it, when I start I dont stop, I'm a 100% baby. Sorry guy but you now have to deal with a full grown baby, congrats.

Then he does something magical, that I have not had a dr. do before, he placed his hand on my knee and said "that must have been devastating". Ususally they get uncomfortable and say something like "well at least it tells us that your mechanically sound, blah blah blah" He then told me of a personal story of he and his wife's struggle with m/c's and how it affected them, he said the word "devastating(ed)" a few more times. Then continued on with the exam. He told me that he did humanitarian work in places that did not have fancy machines when I told him that I had not been tapped on by a dr. since I was a child. You know when they put their fingers on your tummy and then tap on those fingers with the other hand. He said that when you are in those places without machines you had better be able to diagnose what is wrong with your hands.

Then the dr. that I was supposed to see originally showed up and spoke to me a little bit like I was a child, an idiot child. When she got up to leave, after telling me to "exercise" since it worked for a friend of hers, she shook my hand. The first dr. also came over to shake my hand but I stood up and hugged him. I have never hugged a dr. before in my life, but this man moved me. He hugged me back and then gave me his home phone number and told me his wife's name. !!!!

I think that maybe all dr's need to do a little humanitarian work in the jungle somewhere if it will make them like this man.

I left this super special appointment mad, angry, dissapointed, wondering why I had been sent there at all? If he had not been forced to fill in for the dr. that was 1 hour late I would have flipped out.

So, no meds, no plan of action, nothing but good luck and keep trying. Plus they told me that the lovely blood clot disorder that I have is the "wrong" kind to cause m/c and so it must be chromosomal or something else, well there goes my diagnosis.

So now what?

I will tell you what....rum ;)

Wow, sounds like a really neat doctor.Did they tell you that it's possible for you and your husband to be tested for chromosomal problems? All it takes is a blood test.
Jan 20 2011 10:03 PM
I am so glad you were able to meet that truly special doctor. You may not have left with what you expected, but I think you may have left with something more. Take advantage of that number and that name. Maybe they can become bigger advocates for you down the road.Good Luck and enjoy your Rum!D
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Wow that's a lot of things to take in for the day!! If u need to drink rum another evening let me know instead of ivf friends we could be rum friends :flowers: ....hope to hear more and hope ur night gets better. My day was about the same!!
WOW! I love hearing those stories about physicians! Alcohol always makes things better!! :Emoticons09710:

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