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Wanting to talk with anyone who has frozen eggs

Posted by Tanyamaree , 12 October 2013 · 1251 views

I want to talk about survival and any info on success with frozen eggs. We had to freeze they bc hubby had randomly no sperm on retrieval day. Have frozen sperm now and eggs. Just wanting any and all info anyone wants to share. Maybe even some hope

Oct 14 2013 09:39 AM

No experience here but just wanted to offer you some ((HUGS))xo

Thank you
Oct 24 2013 07:15 PM

Hi TanyaMaree,


I'm so sorry that the cycle didn’t work out for you!  We went through a similar thing – an IVF cycle, no sperm, frozen eggs, new IVF cycle and eventually a pregnancy.  I know how terribly disappointing it is when you go through the whole cycle and don’t get happy results at the end!


This is our story: My DH had to have surgical sperm retrieval because of azoospermia (no sperm in his semen samples).  We did an IVF cycle and they retrieved 20 eggs from me before finding that DH had no sperm at all when they did his surgery straight after.  They froze my eggs and we took some time to consider our options.  We recently did another IVF cycle with frozen donor sperm and they used both my frozen eggs and some newly collected ones to make us embryos.  Of the 20 frozen eggs that were thawed and fertilised, our clinic got 2 to successfully reach blastocyst stage and from our 10 fresh eggs collected in the second cycle, we got an additional 4 blastocysts.  We ended up with six healthy blastocysts in total - we had one transferred straight away and the extra 5 frozen.  Two weeks later, I got my positive pregnancy test!!  I’m now 10.5 weeks along and know it was worth all the effort and heartache!


I’m sure that your doctors have mentioned that the freezing and thawing of eggs is not always very successful.  In our case, a large percentage of our thawed eggs (90% - I think this is higher than average) fragmented after fertilisation but we still ended up with a couple of perfect little blastocysts from them.  It only takes one to make for a happy ending!


Feel free to ask me any questions.  I really hope that everything works out for you and that you get good news when they fertilise your frozen eggs!

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