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Advice needed

Posted by Tanyamaree , 02 August 2011 · 1151 views

SO i recently canceled my own frozen cycle due to job stress and money stress and just not feeling ready so as i am doing this i have been doing some thinking....

i have only 2 eggs frozen , im 26 i transfer both in hopes that one catches or do i transfer 1 so that i would still have another to try???? i will be asking my dr this but for now......what would you do if you were me?

Aug 02 2011 04:20 PM
How many cycles have you done before that were unsuccessful?
I personally have never wanted to transfer less then 2 (and have never been allowed to transfer more).
Money and stress are subjective and they come and go and in the end it will cost you more to transfer them in two different cycles.
If it were me, I would do them both at once and then focus on the future and hope that the money and stress improves.
Aug 02 2011 05:21 PM
I am interested to see the responses... I too have 2 frosties and don't know if it is better to transfer both at once or two separate times. One thing I know is that there is a percentage of frozen embies that don't survive the thaw... Not really sure what that number is, sure it is on here somewhere... As for the stress of job and money, you want to give those two embies the best chance once they have been transferred, and stress is not ideal when you are wanting little embies to implant, so I would say you have to listen to your body AND mind and you will know when it feels ready.
I would definitely go with two, because as someone else said the thaw rate is never 100%; you could thaw 2 and be left with one. Also FET is not as successful as fresh, so for me it would be two for sure. Best of luck:)
Aug 03 2011 07:36 AM
I would do two but only transfer as many as you would feel comfortable giving birth to!
is your cycle medicated or not? that would have an effect on MY decision. If it was medicated I would transfer both because I wouldn't want to go through hormone rages twice, if it was not medicated then there is nothing else to to loose but time and money.
If you're REALLY okay with the idea of possibly having twins, I would do 2. With the hopes of improving the odds that 1 makes it all the way. Why waste time? But obviously, you are taking a chance that you get 2 golden eggs!
thanks guys i believe though with calgary that their frozen cycles have a better success rate. i have done one fresh cycle with one embrio tranfered (doc decided) and it was unseccesful. :( I was also told that their thaw percentage was high bc they will not freeze if they think it wont thaw properly but dont quote me on that

I hate this world infertility i am soo angry with my life path i am so angry that other people dont have this path today i am angry!!!!
Hi All:

I am completely new to the chat board. My FET was on July 18, 2011 and two were transferred. I went back to my DR. on Friday, July 29, 2011 for my first beta which was 350!!! Yaaaaaa. As most of us know the second beta is what really counts... My second beta was on 8/2/2011 and the numbers were 1,579. I'm due back on Friday 8/5/2011 for a third beta to make sure all is going as planned...

My initial IVF fresh cycle was successful but the pregnancy didn't last too long..

Keeping my fingers crossed for this cycle.. Which is completely different than the first and a little less stressful..

Ladies, what I will say is keep the faith and stay positive and the sky is the limit.. I know easy said then done+! Praying for many blessings...
I agree with what others said about waiting until you have less stress in your life. Not only would it be better for your body, but your spirit too. If you get a bfp, you want to enjoy it! If not, you'll want to be a place where you can handle it.

As for transferring 1 or 2. IMHO, I would only do 1 at a time. I have twins and love being a mommy to them. But my pregnancy with them was very difficult. I almost lost them several times and they were at very high risk of being born prematurely. My complications were due to me carrying twins. I spent most of my pregnancy feeling guilty that I had put my precious babies is such danger. Thankfully everything turned out, but carrying twins is very risky.

If I ever decide to use my frozen embryos, I will only be putting back 1 at a time even though it costs more. I missed 4 months of work because I was in the hospital and on bed rest so an extra $1000-$2000 doesn't seem like a big cost to me.

Dealing with all this IF stuff is so hard! Making these decisions we shouldn't have to make is so unfair. Good luck in whatever you choose!
Thank you soooo much alanna I really appreciate it
I am 36 and have had one fresh cycle of IVF with one embryo transfered that ended with miscarrage. We have two frozen emryos just like you. eventhough I am much older than you and the chances of success are much less we have decided to go with one embryo at a time. For us it is the care of the baby after birth that is very important to us. We might have to pay an extra 3500 for an additional cycle of FET but we know we will for sure have one at the end of it all and that will have less stress on us at the end. It all depends on the amount of support you will have if you end up with twins. I have non and will have to go back to work so for us one is a better choice. Best wishes to you

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