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Wish Me Luck - My little rant

Posted by Tanyamaree , 21 January 2014 · 1302 views

So back ground of my story see about me
I am about to embark on a journey that has me truley clueless for the first time. i have frozen eggs ( due to no sperm rancomly at retreival day , we now have back up sperm just in case) and i am scared that after spending my $8000  and then $450 to freeze sperm and now another $3000 now to do a transfer...


Wanting to talk with anyone who has frozen eggs

Posted by Tanyamaree , 12 October 2013 · 1231 views

I want to talk about survival and any info on success with frozen eggs. We had to freeze they bc hubby had randomly no sperm on retrieval day. Have frozen sperm now and eggs. Just wanting any and all info anyone wants to share. Maybe even some hope


How could this happen...Throw me a bone!!!

Posted by Tanyamaree , 12 March 2013 · 1718 views

Feb 4th Sperm test all good
March 11 retrieval went ok, scared, i cried , pain sucked....
Sperm done same day - no obility
2nd sperm done same day - no mobility
proceedure (free testicle extract sperm) nothing
proceedure cut testicle and take sperm - found sperm but all dead..
Dr said he is not sure why this happened.......
Frozen my...



Posted by Tanyamaree , 04 February 2013 · 1825 views

was reading some signitures and i see that some of the ivf cycles got canncled do to different things . was wondering when that happens do you have to pay or it just goes on hold? do you loose money just wondering


IVF # 2 how many eggs /embrias and frozen did you have compared to last time...

Posted by Tanyamaree , 11 January 2013 · 1390 views

Just was curious if numbers decrease from first time or if its just chance just wanted to compare numbers so if you could tell meDiognosos:embrios retrievedFrozen


Advice needed

Posted by Tanyamaree , 02 August 2011 · 1137 views

SO i recently canceled my own frozen cycle due to job stress and money stress and just not feeling ready so as i am doing this i have been doing some thinking....i have only 2 eggs frozen , im 26 ..do i transfer both in hopes that one catches or do i transfer 1 so that i would still have another to try???? i will be asking my dr this but for now......what...


i cant buy a ticket and stand in line.....

Posted by Tanyamaree , 08 June 2011 · 1152 views

So its been about a mnth since we did our first IVF and got a BFN. .. i still feel like i am lost and dont let myself think of babies, or even hold friends babies. Last night we saw a friend and their little girl who was a surprise to them (with out planning) and i see my husband hold her and he tells me here take her and .. i cant , and i dont want to ....


Why do i feel...empty is this normal

Posted by Tanyamaree , 14 May 2011 · 1037 views

So i am on my 2ww with 3-4 days to go...i was REALLY bloated for the first 3 days after transfer but since then i have gone back to "normal" i drink lots of water as told to , i was expecting to hyper stimulate ohss but didnt really and so now.... i feel nothing...some cramping stomach tighening but it has decreased as days go on....is this good o...


How many embryos did u transfer?

Posted by Tanyamaree , 25 February 2011 · 2007 views

I'm 26  I have pcos, and antibodies on sperm......and live in Canada...I would like to know ur opinions from people with similar situation how many embryos you would transfer.....I am waiting for a call back from clinic but in mean time.....would u transfer one or two and why??


Clinic closed ..wondering

Posted by Tanyamaree , 22 February 2011 · 750 views

What day of cycle did u find out you were offered ivf?  Just curious

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