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ANOTHER positive OPK test?!?!

Posted by TTC_2010 , 18 January 2011 · 677 views

Since December 21st I have had THREE positive OPK's. First day of LMP was December 10th. I am SOOOO confused! How can I ovulate 3 times in 6 weeks?! I tested lastnight before bed cause I had that "achy" feeling and there were 2 faint tested again this afternoon and the test line was darker than the control line. Any feedb...


Have I become one of THEM?

Posted by TTC_2010 , 08 January 2011 · 779 views

I have heard of women who want so badly to be pregnant they actually trick their brains into thinking they are. I am hurting so badly in my heart these days that I think I have done this. How do I stop? How do I use my common sense to KNOW that I am NOT pregnant and stop thinking otherwise.I am laying on my tummy typing this right now on my laptop and SWE...


Just broke my own Heart.........and my Husband's.

Posted by TTC_2010 , 06 January 2011 · 1104 views

I have been wondering if I was pregnant lately. Nausea has set in, and my temps have stayed nice and high. My boobs hurt. I'm exhausted. So, I decided to pee on a stick.Grab the stick. Pee. Within 15 seconds 2 very clear dark lines. I had to do a double, triple, quadruple take! And Then I started to cry and called my husband. He started to cry. We...


Second Thoughts?!

Posted by TTC_2010 , 30 December 2010 · 891 views

I am new to charting. We have been TTC for 6 years. There have been lots of ups and downs and the emotional roller coaster has been......intense.I have family and friends "rooting" for us but am in need of support and help. I don't even know what my own chart tells me. I had a melt down the other day because I started spotting. But since then...


Stupid Spotting :(

Posted by TTC_2010 , 27 December 2010 · 610 views

Well I had my hopes up after thinking I may have had a positive OPK test on the 12th..........but today I have started spotting. And I am not taking it very well. I guess I just figured the good news would keep on rolling in after all the "luck" we've had lately.Blah. I can't take anymore of this emotional crap. It's too much.


And now for a more detailed post...

Posted by TTC_2010 , 21 December 2010 · 409 views

Don't forget I am new to all of this, so forgive me if I make NO sense. We had our first appointment. It was LONG. It was emotional. We had to start by asking total strangers to witness some form we had to sign, and thankfully she understood where we were coming from and signed for us. Next we were taken into a conference room, and had to do our weigh...


HELP! Is this a poisitive OPK?!

Posted by TTC_2010 , 21 December 2010 · 871 views
positive, OPK, helo
Hi all....I need some opinions please! Is this a positive OPK test? Or am I getting close? What should I do next? Keep testing? How often?TIA!!http://i128.photobuc...estDec212PM.jpg


It starts...

Posted by TTC_2010 , 05 November 2010 · 523 views

Today is the first day I am posting on this blog....and even though we are already 5 years into our TTC journey I feel like we are just getting started. Weird, I know....but I am finally starting to learn to chart...and the terms...and what might come next. Finally, after a 1.5 year wait we are seeing our fertility specialist for the first time this month...

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