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One of those days...poor me

Posted by Tonessica , 24 July 2012 · 1494 views

Turned 31 last month, time is not on my side. I feel like I have been standing still waiting to go ahead with our third and final ohip coverd cycle. Still have to pay for meds and certain tests out of pocket, which is the only reason Ive waited this long yet again. I feel like every time I bring up having a baby all DH sees is $$ signs. It hurts! I dont care how much it cost. It sucks and is unfair that it cost anything at all, but it does. I have been secretly saving my change since march and have about $2000 saved. I figure I need another $3000 to be safe. I just feel so alone in this. He had 2 kids by the age of 21. I mean, he had babies before ever even knowing he wanted too. He says he understands but I how can he possibly?? When I talk about babies all he talks about is how expensive IVF is. Im sorry my body has failed me, Im sorry this is the route I have to take but, I have no choice.

I have been a big sister, babysitter, auntie and step mom for a long time. My everyday is full of kids, other poeples kids, but still, I know Im would be a good mom. When is it my turn??

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I hope it will be your turn soon!
Jul 24 2012 06:09 PM
I think a lot of guys see things in a more "practical" way, such as money, etc. Generally, women respond more with the heart. Hang in there. This journey can be hard on a relationship. I've seen a few almost end because of fertility problems, but many more become stronger by going through this.
I know exactly how you feel.. Im going trough something similar, my tubes are both blocked and the only choice is IVF it is very discouranging to know that our bodies have failed us and the cost of IVF is too expensive just Like you i wonder when my turn will be.. Sigh

Lets keep the faith!
thanks ladies)
The financial aspect can be daunting and my dh was worried about that too, so was I. I wish you the best and hopefully you have a very short journey to parenthood, Best of luck

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