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Mini Journey Between the Next Big Journey

Posted by Tonessica , 06 January 2011 · 835 views

Well today was my follow up after 2nd BFN. I was excited about the appointment, felt like forever since I got my BFN and I really just wanted to see the RE, I dont know, I dont know what I thought I was going to hear.

What I did hear was everything went great. The transfer could not have gone smoother, looking back through my chart everything is normal. Embies were perfect. Just didnt happen...50/50 right.

Next step...weight loss! Thats all we can think of doing to make the next try even better then perfect. RE told me Im OK to do what ever I want, if Im ready to call in day 1 for FET then fine,, if I want to go ahead with IVF#3 thats OK to. But, I am about 40lbs over weight. DH and I decides to take a few months and drop the pounds then go back hopefully april/may for FET. (yes I think Im motivated enough to lose it:) totally doable right?)

In the mean time RE gave me prescription for 5mg folic acid (cause Im over weight). So everyday Im still working toward making my dream come true. Will still check in on all you wonderful girls. Hoping the best for all of you:)



I'm sorry to hear about your BFNs. I am about to start IVF #2 and although I feel positive about it so far, I am still terrified to hear a BFN result again...I know it can be devestating. I wish you lots of luck in your wait and look forward to getting to know ya'! :rofl:
That's great to hear that everything was on track, but I still wish you would have got your BFP. I'm taking a few month to get back on track as well. :D Good luck with your next steps and don't be a stranger. :rofl:
My follow up is next Thursday, I'm thinking my appointment will probably go like yours... We'll see. Don't you hate not having answers? Anyways, good luck with your next step. :o
Sounds like things are positive Jessica - We only had to do IUI but I had managed to loose about 40lbs before our second shot (which did work; coincidence - probably). For me loosing the weight was about making it simple, easy and do-able... really helped me before and after (to loose the baby weight). It's worth checking out (it's free). Good luck and hopefully it'll be all you need to get that wonderful BFP!! :o

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