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Whats wrong with me?

Posted by Tonessica , 10 December 2010 · 1591 views

As I mention yesterday I got my second BFN. I thought I would be more ready for the bad news but Im still crushed. Through this whole cycle I was told how great things were going, even the day of transfer I was told my embryos were so good it was rare. Now I did not let myself get attached,or get my hopes up just in case. But I couldnt help but think, if the doctors are all so positive then just maybe these 2 embies are strong enough to stay. Well they didnt. Now Im sadder then I though cause my cycle could not have gone better. I just want to be prepared with what to ask the doctor when I see him on the follow up. Whats wrong with me? Is there something inside me that isnt a good environment for babies? I dont know, you can read all my history from my signature other wise this blog would be really long.
When they did a laparoscopy last feb/10 I was told my uterus was normal. Right tube completly blocked and the dr cleared up the left tube. (just to get it removed 2 months later due to eptopic.
Any ideas what I could ask.. Im pretty blurry right now. Maybe they could run more tests before I try again? I would appreciate any suggestions. thanks Jessica

Sorry to hear about your BFN. I have no suggestions for questions to ask. Please take good care of yourself though. Sometimes life just isn't fair, is it? ((((hugs))))
Dec 10 2010 06:49 PM
Sorry about your bfn. You could get them to check if you have a tilted uterus. I'll give you the short version. Started ttc in 1995 no pregnancies ever, ivf in oct/nov 2008, bfp, mc at 12 weeks, fet july 2009 bfn. Went to see body talk/miracle worker she never even touched me just looked at me and said your uterus is tilted and no embryo will ever be able to attach and stick. Fixed me and 2 days later got pregnant with ds (found out 11 days later by hpt).
(hugs) I have a list of general questions, but I can't think of anything specific for you right now. If you want my general questions let me know and I can PM you. When is your follow up?
Dec 10 2010 08:05 PM
Sorry about your bfn.
After our 3rd failed fresh (and multiple failed fet) we added heparin to my protocol and got pregnant.
As much as this isn't a comfort, sometimes it just doesn't work and it isn't because there is anything "wrong" with you.
I am sooo sorry you have to go through this


I am sorry about the bfn. I truly am.

As to what you can do, that's hard to say simply because there are so many tests; sometimes they shed more light on the situation & sometimes they don't.

Sometimes it's the protocol. Sometimes immunology is a factor, sometimes genetics are a factor.

I do hope it works out. Sending good thoughts to you at this time, Jessica.

After our 3rd failed ivf the re wanted to lower my stim dose. He said maybe we would get less eggs but with a higher quality. He also put me on metformin. I don't have pcos, but he said he didn't know what else to try. Good luck!
Dec 10 2010 11:30 PM
Like Jenny Anne, my doctor lowered my stim dose. In my first fresh cycle, I had tons of supposedly "perfect" embryos and was told I would have to be "very unlucky" not to have any of them implant. Well, 4 transfers later...none of them implanted. So my new RE said perhaps my eggs were "over ripe". With the lower dose, I had fewer eggs, but I then started having success.

But like Supermom said.....some times there just isn't a reason. I read a blog from an RE once who said that when tubal factor is the only reason for IVF and there are no other factors, it will work for virtually everybody. He said that some people just have to try a few more times than others. He compared it to flipping a coin. It may land on heads several times in a row, but eventually, it is going to land on tails. He said science is not advanced enough to know why some seemingly healthy embryos implant and some don't......but he said the reason why a lot of women do IVF and don't walk away with a baby is become they simply give up too soon. Which he said he understood by the way, because some people just don't have the resources to continue over and over again.
Hang in there..I have been there and I know how frustrating and painful it is.
maybe look into a hestroscope and a scrape. I am doing blood tests to see if i have immune system problems that think the embio is a foriegn object and tries to kill it. I also adding asperine low dose and increasing wheatgrass and royal jelly, cause my 3 embies (accourding to doc) should have given me triplets. my lining was over 9 mm and i had a 10 cell, 8 cell and 6 cell on day 3 implanted and still I got BFN also. I know it is VERY hard and very emotional trust me...i know........ But we have to investigate and find out WHY...
Thanks ladies, Im definitely taking this info with me for my follow up. I know there has to be something I can do. Thank you all so much.
Good Fortune
Dec 11 2010 04:05 AM
When the perfect cycle doesn't work it is hard, hard, hard. I know how you feel.
Best wishes.
I don't have any advice that I can give on questions to ask but I just wanted to wish you the best of luck as you continue on your journey. Sending lots of positive thoughts!
So incredibly frustrating...I am so sorry.
Ask about serial endometrial biopsies. I had all 'perfect' embryos and 4 times (9 embies) later nothing worked. I did SEB and then it did. Also, have them check your progesterone supps. I used Endometrin with this cycle and found success... didnt use it in any of the others.
Best of luck! You are very wise to go into your apt with a lot of questions about options. Being informed about your treatment plan can be so comforting.
Again a great big thank you ladies. I am taking notes on everything. Please keep the suggested questions coming. At the moment this is what Im doing to keep sane and move forward. Thanks for being here, we do have a wonderful group:) Im fortunate to have come across this site.
Dec 11 2010 01:37 PM
Something I did was to write out my many questions and send them to my RE ahead of our consultation. It gave him time to prepare his answers and I was able to get everything I was wondering about clarified.
I agree with Lilygirl. IVF was initially designed for people with tubal damage. My RE told me that with tubal damage only, IVF will work, it's just a matter of when. It's hard when it's a BFN but keep going and you will get your BFP.
I would ask your RE why he/she thinks it didn't work out this time. I wish you all the best in the future.

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