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Worried about past ectopics.

Posted by Tonessica , 29 October 2010 · 756 views

Well now I think I feel silly cause Im not sure how this blog works...lol

Before trying to figure out how to post on here I was feeling not so positive today....you know just one of those days.

I don't have a signature at the end of my entries so not everyone knows that Im 29 and have been pregnant 5 times since I was 18.
My first was ectopic, tube was saved but completely blocked. The next 3 were all chemical Im guessing cause they never went past just a few weeks and the last was unfortunately another ectopic, this time I lost the tube. Leaving me with 1 blocked tube.
Since then I have tried 1 round IVF which was BFN and no frosties
Im now about to start my second IVF treatment. Normally I feel very excited and anxious. I don't know today Im just so scared I get the BFP I have been waiting for just to have it turn out to be ectopic, or miscarry again.

AHHH like I said just one of those days.

thanks for listening

Oct 29 2010 11:50 AM
Hi! I have had a lot of ectopics too. 6 of them, I think....as bad as it sounds I have lost track over the years. But I have had at least 10 IVF transfers and have never had one single ectopic from them. It is true that their is still that chance and I have been on a few message boards where it has happened to a few girls. But overall, the chances are still pretty low.
I know it is hard not to have the worry though. You get so used to hearing bad news that you just come to expect it. Whenever I got a BFP after IVF, I was always a bit apprehensive until we did that first u/s. But it always has managed to work out! Good luck to you!
At least with IVF (compared with natural), you're monitored closely, so if there's a problem, you'll know right away. But keep in mind that statistically your chance of NOT having problems is much much much higher than the chance of having problems ... good luck!

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