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I guess I knew this day would come

Posted by hoping for two , 01 July 2011 · 912 views

After our failed ET in January the doc said we needed to rest for two months. So we did and we gave ourselfs some time to re connect who we are (not just two people desperate to have a baby).

In the beging of June I called for an appointment thinking we'll just go in and get started, but to my surprise the nurse says to me " Dr cohen would like to meet with you before we start another cycle" ok no problem. Wednesday was the big day, I was excited feeling another step closer to being PG and a little scared of the dsapointment that we all know could also come with it. It felt like as soon as we sat down the Doc starts to talk about the left tube that is blocked. He says "we have two ways to go about this first, remove the tube then start a new IVF cycle. Second, start a new cycle and freeze the embryo's." My reaction was quick, I'm not sure he was even done talking. I would of thought this decision would of made me emotional, scared or even mad. But I didn't feel any of these things all I could think of was ONE STEP CLOSER. I say to him lets take the tube out and freeze our emby's. The smile on his face was huge the burden on my cheft lightened. I didn't even realize that was part of my burden, sitting somewhere in the back of my head. He lets us know sometimes it takes a while to get in the OR. I think no problem let's get the ball moving. We finish up our visit with decisions made walk up to the reception desk he makes the call (for an OR) and to our surprise the lady on the other end has an opening on Friday....this Friday!

I should be in bed I'm always in bed by this time. But now I'm nervous! I've never had surgery before and how will I recover, it's only laparoscopy right? But it is my body and I'm nervouse.

Well ladies keep your fingers crossed and all goes well!!!

P.S. Thanks for listening

Wow! The stars are aligning! Good luck!!!

I'll be sending you quick healing vibes! :)
Awesome!!! Good luck!!!!
Sending you positive vibes! I hope your lap goes well today! I've had 2 laps and am about to have my third. With my last lap I was back at work within 5 days, but that was pushing it. I think you can expect 10-14 days for recovery.

I hope the good luck keeps coming your way!
hoping for two
Jul 12 2011 01:36 AM
All went well! We went to our summerhome for the weekend after the surgery with friends and family, everyone was wonderful not letting me do anything. So I was able to get lots of rest. I am back to my old self and ready to get the ball rolling....buy we have to wait till September. So I guess I'll just have to enjoy my summer and pray that at this time next year I'll be holding our baby or babies in my arms!!!

Thank you all so much for the support!!

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