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On the Edge.....

Posted by hoping for two , 23 January 2011 · 889 views

I've been feeling great the last few days.
Let me back up, on Tuesday my breast were very tender so I just knew AF was on her way. I even stayed in bed most of the day Wednesday feeling sorry for myself AGAIN. Then I pulled myself together and got on with my week. I woke up Saturday morning and the tenderness was gone I was in a great mood all day. I felt like this is my sign I am PG...I just know it. So of course I want to jump the gun, I jump out of the bed this morning run to the bathroom and grab the PG test (even though I know it's a day or two to soon) just maybe..right? WRONG! A BFN! I think that's Ok I still have a few days to be sure. Then I wipe......I see faint pink on the TP I think to myself "your wrong, check again" so I do and I was right. A little darker but a very little. I'm trying to keep my cool. The DR told us there could be a little spotting after the embie's implant. So Although I want to sit here and cry I'm trying to keep it together and think positive. Maybe that's all it is, but with my luck it's another failed cycle. What's wrong with me I responded very well to the meds we transfered 2 perfect embyo's. I wish I could stand out side of myself and start punching and yelling "what's wrong with you why won't you cooperate!"

Has this happen to any of you then ended up with a BFP?

I just wanted to wish you luck. I know someone who was sure that it was over. She was sure that her period was on her way because she had started to bleed. She was so sure that it was over that she drank some wine. She went for her beta blood test sure that it would be negative and was in SHOCK when it was positive. You just never know. Stay positive. Sending you positive vibes. I hope that you get your BFP!
I POASed early in order to confirm a BFN so I could have a pint on the weekend with some houseguests. I was positive the cycle hadn't worked. I nearly fainted when I saw the BFP.
Jan 23 2011 09:52 PM
I had spotting and then ended up with a BFP, so don't lose hope. I didn't test early so I didn't end up with a BFN, but if I had tested early I probably would have as my first beta was very low. Fingers crossed for you.
Jan 24 2011 01:12 AM
i had implantation spotting with the pregnancy that became my son..i never did hpt's back then though... i wish you all the very best
I had spotting before getting my bfp too.
hoping for two
Jan 25 2011 11:11 PM
Thanks for the words of encouragement! I will be up bright and early tomorrow to go for my beta. But I've had a pretty heavy flow all day so I dought I'll see my desired BFP. I sure hope we're as lucky as some of you!

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