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And then it hit me...


Say What??

Posted by Tracy1234 , 17 October 2011 · 1187 views

It's been awhile since I last wrote here. After our third and last failed cycle, I was so completely and utterly defeated. I'd been told again by a second RE that it was time to seek out an egg donor, but he also supported our decision to cycle again, if that's what we truly wanted. However, since I didn't respond to the massive doses of meds, he told us...


We've accepted it, why can't You??

Posted by Tracy1234 , 11 May 2011 · 1584 views

Oh boy.  I know some of you have been through this, I'm sure of it.  But I'll get to that!Yesterday, we had our follow up with our RE.  He was fantastic, and even though our cycle was not successful, we're happy we went with him and anything we decide in the future will with his help.  So, he's given us 15-20% chance of success with IV...


You wanna do what now?

Posted by Tracy1234 , 09 May 2011 · 1185 views

Okay. So we thought all the big choices, as far as IF was concerned, were done.  Made for us, really.  3rd IVF cycle negative and, as far as we know, we're still unexplained.  We have a phone consult with our RE tomorrow afternoon but the cycle was normal and everything had seemed like it was moving along just fine.  So we decided that unless a rabbit...


Oh the dreaded 2ww...again.

Posted by Tracy1234 , 01 May 2011 · 1385 views

Don't you just hate these?  And the progesterone, that tricks your body And your mind into thinking you're pregnant?  Hot flashes, night sweats, sore bb's, among other things, depending on how you respond to it.  And then there's the rest.  The bloating, the cramping, the not cramping, the spotting, the not spotting.  Is it good I'm bl...


A weight has been lifted

Posted by Tracy1234 , 19 April 2011 · 1363 views

So, we're here in Victoria doing our 3rd IVF cycle.  We've never had anything to freeze, have only ever gotten 3 embryo's and put all 3 back in.  Our decision would be different if we could simply do a FET, oh to have that opportunity.  But DH and I have been talking alot as this cycle moves along.  What if it doesn't work again?  Can we p...


Critics review...2 banana's out of 5!!!!!

Posted by Tracy1234 , 15 December 2010 · 1214 views

So, I really didn't want to start a new thread under the Edmonton clinic, for a couple of reasons.  One, there are already quite a few already.  Two, my RE knew that I had posted a question in 'ask the RE' and actually brought it up at our last follow up.  This bothered me quite abit so I think long and hard before I post in certain areas thes...


And the band started playing...

Posted by Tracy1234 , 12 November 2010 · 597 views

I just love this song and wanted to share...The song is called Diamond Eyes by Shinedown.  Here's part of the lyrics...Out on the front line, don't worry I'll be fineThe story is just beginningI say goodbye to my weakness,So long to the regretsAnd now I know that I'm aliveOut on the front line, don't worry I'll be fineThe story is...


Almost back to now what?

Posted by Tracy1234 , 16 October 2010 · 685 views

You know, I feel the same now as I did when I was about 15 years younger.  The doctors were trying to figure out if I had leukemia or some odd immune disorder.  Turned out to be the odd immune disorder but, in my Moms words, I still hated the world.  It just pi$$ed me off that nothing ever seemed to come easy to me and everything was such a stru...


Stolen Condoms!!!

Posted by Tracy1234 , 12 October 2010 · 611 views

Oh boy. My FIL doesn't hear as well as he used to. That coupled with a slight lack of understanding common slang leads to hilarity. We all were going to have a diet cream soda, our new thing, and DH says "yeah, it's the sh!t" and FIL says "no, it's good, I thought you liked it!!"And on the news...there was a thing o...


And here we are...

Posted by Tracy1234 , 07 October 2010 · 1187 views

Who ever thinks they'll be in this situation?  We all grow up playing with our dolls and daydream about having babies one day.  But we don't, of course, daydream about injecting ourselves with hormones, having camera's stuffed up our nether regions on a regular basis, and laying on a table with your legs spread wide open with multiple stranger...

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