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Posted by psalt , 26 November 2010 · 947 views

I was doing ok so far but now have really bad tugging pain in my stomach and lower back. I keep running to the loo to check if AF is here. Why do these symptoms have to be so confusing? I got my beta test from 16dp5dt and it was 4207. Now I keep praying that these symptoms mean nothing and AF wont come. Like many have said earlier, getting pregnant has be...


BFP Update

Posted by psalt , 18 November 2010 · 953 views

The good news is that I got my BFP but I have been here before. I have never made it beyond 7-9 weeks. With miscarriages and Ectopic.To add to the mix of issues, I have now been told that I have high TSH levels.The lab considers normal to be  in the range of 0.46-4.68 and mine is 5.59. What does this mean? I didn't have this situation earlier. What do...



Posted by psalt , 12 November 2010 · 1304 views

Its not been a good day. I heard some bad news and to add to it I got another BFN. I knew our chances were slim but there was always that glimmer of hope that kept me going through this cycle. Each time I was threatened with the usual "this cycle is not looking good".I know what my Re says each time, "It must be the egg Quality? And that there...


Embryo Transfer- What happens next?

Posted by psalt , 09 November 2010 · 973 views

Found this on the internet and wanted to share-This is what happens in a 5dt :  -1 ..embryo is growing and developing0... Embryo is now a blastocyst1dpt....Blastocyst hatches out of shell on this day2dpt.. Blastocyst attaches to a site on the uterine lining3dpt.. Implantation begins,as the blastocyst begins to bury in the lining4dpt.. Implantation process...


Raising Expectations

Posted by psalt , 29 October 2010 · 932 views

For friends in Ontario- members of the Expert Panel on Infertility and Adoption, we are deeply grateful for the opportunity to provide our advice on how to improve access to adoption and assisted reproduction services in Ontario. After a year of researching, collaborating and collecting...



Posted by psalt , 28 October 2010 · 877 views

I am so bummed today. I went for my Day 8 U/S and B/W. The ultra sound technician was rather unfriendly firstly. Then I went to see my Nurse, incidentally my RE was there too. They broke the bad news to me about my AFC progress. The right side had 5 out of which only 3 had blossomed to 1.7,1.4 and 1.3. The left had 3 and only 1 was about 1.1 (funny that i...


Our friends in the fertility industry- From

Posted by psalt , 27 October 2010 · 754 views

Top Shortlist - http://www.choicemom...y_industryGiven the large number of questions on the Choice Mom discussion boards about fertility, and the fact that many of us don't realize until late in the game how fragile our fertility is, I couldn't do this topic justice on the website and in our networking ev...



Posted by psalt , 26 October 2010 · 818 views

Found this interesting info   -Estradiol: What It Is and What It Tells Us.The level of estradiol is measured in almost every blood sample taken during the monitoring of almost every type of assisted pregnancy. It is arguably the most informative of the three tests. Because of this, we will spend more time and space on estradiol. Don't worry-- the othe...

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