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Posted by simplefaith , 08 November 2010 · 973 views

I haven't been on here in a while because of life and buisness, but I knew that I could always come back and ask your advice.I started my period Oct. 28 it lasted about 6 days. Then on friday out of no where there was pinky blood in my panties and when I wiped. I was a little concerned but I just let it go and it seemed not to last long. Then on sunda...


What do they know?

Posted by simplefaith , 05 October 2010 · 993 views

I was just reading everyones comments about how other people veiw IF. I think the worst for me is when people say, what if it's not ment to be?! WHAT?!?! Like it was ment to be for countless teen pregnancys that end in abortion, or how it's ment to be that women kill their babies!! It makes me so mad. I just want to SCREAM...


Back to the drawing board...

Posted by simplefaith , 03 October 2010 · 1707 views

Well as most of you have probably already seen, I'm NOT pregnant.  :th_abs: So now I have to decide what to do next. My options are A. Start a new cycle for FET as of bright red flow. B. Meet with the Dr. that is Head of the Lab to review my remaining 9 embryos. (This will determine whether we should keep them and try another FET or discard of them an...


Nasty taste in my mouth!!

Posted by simplefaith , 02 October 2010 · 837 views

Ugh gross, all I can taste in this NASTY taste in my mouth. I seriously want to cut my tounge out of my mouth. It started last night before bed and I didn't think anything of it. Maybe I had just eaten something that gave me a bad after taste. I brushed my teeth and went to bed. But then today it was there all day! It's making me gag! When...


Is it HOT in here??

Posted by simplefaith , 30 September 2010 · 866 views

I have been having these RAGING! hot flashes, and they are lasting for a good 5-15 mins...Like holy crap!! At work today they had the AIR on!! and I was faning myself while everyone else was cold. That's been happening for the last few days. Tonight DH and I took the dog for a walk and normally on a night like this with the sun alr...


28 days...

Posted by simplefaith , 27 September 2010 · 718 views

Well, tomorrow marks the day that my period would normally come by, (I usually get AF somewhere between 25-28 days). But because I am on prometrium and previous experience it stops AF from staring. Now mind you I haven't completely put it out of my head that I may be BFP because in fact I am PUPO. However in previous cycles, day 28 to beta has reeked...


Kitty Litter Fiassco...

Posted by simplefaith , 26 September 2010 · 682 views

My DH is very conserned about me scooping/cleaning the kitty litter, which I think is really sweet considering I'm not pregnant yet...but in my 2ww. So yesterday I went to the bastment to do some laundry and was met with the STINK of the Kitty box. I had company coming and I couldn't have anyone else smell that so I decided to scoop it. (It had to...


lol...ok I think I have this figured out now...

Posted by simplefaith , 26 September 2010 · 462 views

I just had the hardest time setting up a blog. I guess it shows that I really haven't done this before. Did you know that apparently you can't erase a blog?? and I just made 2  <_<  lol...oh well here goes. I think I will have fun posting what happens through out the days/weeks on here...

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