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Bagged Lunch

Posted by BeanSprout , 02 November 2010 · 749 views

Yesterday, after having my first ultrasound and bloodwork, I bought my stimming meds from the clinic. They put the meds and syringes and needles in a green "gift" bag and I was on my way. When I arrived at the office, I quickly removed all the needles/syringes and put them in my desk. I folded closed the top of the "gift" bag and stapled it shut and threw it in our staff fridge until home time. I've done this a few times in the past and never thought anything of it. My bosses do know I'm doing this cycle and have asked me the odd question to ease their curiosity. I don't mind at all as they are also just looking out for my well being.

At the end of the day, I went and retrieved my bag and sat it on my desk as I shut down my computer and cleaned up my office. My boss walked into my office, proceeded to pick up my "gift" bag and commented "Wow, that is so cute and HEAVY!!" "You must have quite the lunch leftover!"

In response (between a little giggling and smiles), "oh, that isn't lunch! It does go in the stomach just not the way you think. That's the $2100 worth of meds I had to pick up this morning."

Slightly embarrassed, she put down my bag and left me with a "I hope you have a nice night."

I smiled all the way to my truck..."lunch" bag in hand.

That is a funny story. Bet your boss will think twice in the future.
Good luck with your cycle!
That is a funny story! I hope nobody in your workplace decides to take your "lunch." :(
Love it! :(
Ah yes, the ol' green gift bag probably rivals celebrity treat bags at red carpet events in its valued contents :( I was always terrified someone would open my bag in the fridge at work, and yet I never thought to staple it. Good idea, Beansprout!

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