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Bagged Lunch

Posted by BeanSprout , 02 November 2010 · 750 views

Yesterday, after having my first ultrasound and bloodwork, I bought my stimming meds from the clinic. They put the meds and syringes and needles in a green "gift" bag and I was on my way. When I arrived at the office, I quickly removed all the needles/syringes and put them in my desk. I folded closed the top of the "gift" bag and stapled i...


The Ferry

Posted by BeanSprout , 01 November 2010 · 1016 views

Today I had the first ultrasound and blood work of many which will happen over the next couple of weeks. I can't help but feel a little excited but this time something dark looms inside....I know what it feels like to lose at the not get the outcome that all of our savings, emotions and bodies have been used to try to achieve.  I've been...


Stork Day -- The first Monday following the second Tuesday of never.

Posted by BeanSprout , 05 October 2010 · 1072 views

As we near a holiday I usually quite enjoy, I'm finding myself distancing myself from our family.  A little back story: six days after our BFN, we were given the wonderful (and yes I'm being serious here!) news that my husband's oldest sister was with child. Bad timing to find out but what do you do?! I felt like my heart had been ripp...


The Ticket has Arrived!

Posted by BeanSprout , 14 September 2010 · 969 views

It has been a while since I've posted. I've spent much of my time recently crossing dates off on the calender, counting my cycle and just, well, waiting as patiently as I can.  I've been on and off the forums checking in on my fellow forum friend's blogs and updates. I've read many success stories and many heartbreakers. I just can...


An Audience?

Posted by BeanSprout , 26 August 2010 · 1485 views

It occured to me last night as I was replying to a text message from yet another friend asking about our "procedure", do we have an audience? It didn't start out with many people knowing. Two close friends knew who had either gone through a couple of miscarriages but ultimately conceived or knew someone close to them that had gone through fert...


The First Ticket

Posted by BeanSprout , 25 August 2010 · 865 views

To start off, I should probably give you a little insight into our lives. All through my teens and most of my 20's, I was absolutely convinced that I would NEVER want or have children. I was determined to build my life with career first, set myself up financially and then find a husband that had the same ideals that I did. My plan was running perfectl...

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