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Endometrin vs. Prometrium

Posted by sb2010 , 01 September 2013 · 3843 views

Just wondering if any of you have thoughts on Endometrin versus Prometrium?
I don't have allergies to nuts or soy, but (TMI!) the skin in my nether region  gets irritated, red, and burning when on Prometrium. We have one more FET at the Edmonton clinic, and I'm thinking of ask...


Sad, Frustrated, Feeling Stupid

Posted by sb2010 , 24 June 2013 · 1390 views

I had my fourth egg retrieval yesterday. Yet again, my estrogen sky rockets, and I'm on OHSS watch. This time it got higher than it ever has (18,000+) and the doctor ordered Lupron rather than the traditional HcG trigger. Needless to say, the eggs weren't stellar. How could they be when they were cooked/fried in all that E2? When we started this process f...


Hoping for some words of wisdom...

Posted by sb2010 , 27 November 2011 · 1231 views

Although I have been a quiet participant on this site, I remain ever grateful to all the women who share their experiences…good and bad. It’s truly encouraging to read of the strength of those who continue with their chins up despite failures and of the happiness of those who find success.We’re at a crossroads, and I guess I was hoping...



Posted by sb2010 , 08 April 2011 · 4272 views

Hope everyone is enjoying the spring! :)So, my husband and I are supposed to be starting IVF next month. I have a history of Crohn's Disease, which has been considered in remission for quite a few years now. I saw my gastroenterologist for my yearly check-up yesterday. Two little things surfaced: iron is low and a very sensitive inflammatory marke...


AFC Confusion

Posted by sb2010 , 09 March 2011 · 885 views

So tomorrow I have a repeat AFC. I've been told that I have a high AMH and that all my other levels are within normal range; I ended up with OHSS at the last IVF attempt, and yet the last AFC showed 6 follicles on each left and right ovary. Our RE is confused by these low results and says this AFC count must be lying because it doesn't jive with t...


High Cervix and Uterus

Posted by sb2010 , 16 January 2011 · 1147 views

It's no surprise to me that I have a particularly high cervix. Any doctor who has attempted a Pap smear on me has told me as much.The same difficulty occurred this morning during my SIS. Because our RE is that thorough, he is sending me for an MRI to find out exactly what is going on anatomically speaking and why the cervix and uterus are situated so...


Confused about estrogen levels...

Posted by sb2010 , 02 August 2010 · 774 views

We finally were able to get a copy of our chart from the clinic. I have been trying desperately to find some accurate information on estrogen levels prior to ER. Here's what my numbers show as far as my estrogen went:July 12 (one week before ER): 5802July 14:                                       7545July 16                                        1254...


Picking up the Pieces...

Posted by sb2010 , 29 July 2010 · 766 views

“Ignorance is bliss,” they say, and don’t we first-time IVF-ers know it!Finally at 10 days out of ER, I feel somewhat myself again (physically, mentally, and emotionally…hormonally remains to be seen LOL), but it’s been a hell of a week and a half.We have been living abroad in the UK for a year. A few months ago we got confirmation that DH’s vasectomy...

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