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Pregnant and to afraid to use the site......

Posted by Thankful , 21 November 2011 · 1593 views

My name use to be "Still Waiting..." Because that was what I was doing. Waiting for test results, waiting for my next IVF cycle, waiting for the results and then doing it all over again and again and again.....

I have been reading all the posts and blogs but was afraid to reply because I am pregnant. But I really hope my story give all of you hope and strengh you need not to give up!!!

I know I am blessed with my pregnancy and it is twins. But it took 6 years to get hear and 6 IVF/ICSI later. Alot of heartache and physsical pain.

My first pregnancy after trying for a year was natural, but I had a miscarriage at 9 weeks.

My first IVF I had an ectophic pregnancy and my tube burst. I had internal bleeding and my body went into shock. I was minutes away from death.

After that we begged, borrowed and "steal" to just keep on trying. I just couldn't give up hope of becoming a mother!! It was trial and error. Prayers and alot of tears. After my 5th IVF/ICSI we went to another Doctor that was double the price, but I just had to try once again. Doctor Gobetz is like a Angel send from heaven. He did a few changes, gave me Intralipid. I went on a antidepressant. And here I am, 27 weeks pregnant with twins!!!

It really has been a very hard and long road for me. With alot of negatives, tears and heartache. Don't think because I am pregnant I had it easy. The difference is I didn't loose HOPE and FAITH!!!

May God bless all of you still busy with your fertility road. Don't give up hope!!!

Jeremiah 29:11

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

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Amazing persistance! Thank you for sharing and all the Best with you hard earned family. Congratulations!
Hello! Don't be afraid of that - because no matter the length of the struggle, you're in the right place, for people TTC with medical interventions, and we WANT to know it's possible for some! ;) Congratulations.
You have been through so much and your story of perseverance is very inspiring. I'm glad that you shared your story because it gives hope. Congrats on your pregnancy!
Nov 21 2011 11:01 AM
Happy to hear things are going well for you. There is a whole section of the forums dedicated to pregnancy after infertility and parenting, so no need to disappear all together.
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Thank you very much for sharing your experience. God, bless you and your little ones!
You have done what you set out to do..become a mother and give others hope:)

I love hearing stories like yours. A lot of people ask when is enough going to be enough. for me I wont quit until Im pregnant and have my baby..
I just can't have it any other way.
you have given me a reason to be happy today.

thank you
Wow lucky number 6! Congratulations. And bless you for being so sensitive to others to hide from the boards rather than shout it from the rooftops of, but like silverdollar said don't be afraid to hit the pregnancy section up, you have achieved what so many may only dream of, very happy for you. Those who need the hope/inspiration will appreciate your story.
Congratulations on your pregnancy, it is well deserved :)
Nov 21 2011 03:49 PM
Congratulations!!! I am so happy for your positive outcome!
I agree 100%....don't ever give up hope! Congratulations......i am VERY happy for you
Nov 21 2011 05:38 PM
Congratulations, hun. This is wonderful news.

Our stories are somewhat similar. I too had a burst ectopic on my first IVF and almost died. Scary, faith-testing times for sure.

Your perserverance is amazing. I'm not sure many people could go through what you have went through and kept trying (and trying and trying :) ).

Hope and faith is a beautiful thing, isn't it? It keeps us dreaming, it keeps us breathing, it is grief's best music, I think.

Your story is truly inspirational. Good on you for sharing. And bless you for being sensitive to others. It is appreciated by many.

I found success on my 2nd IVF (thank goodness) with twins as well. They are the loves of my lives. ♥♥ I feel so blessed each and every single day.

As was mentioned, don't be afraid to post in the pregnancy section. It's a good place to be--to share and discuss. I was told that a twin pregnancy can be different than a singleton. I didn't know the difference of course so be it a singleton group or twin mommy group, you'll fit right in. :)

Congratulations. Enjoy the remainder of your pregnancy. For indeed, in the scheme of things, it is way too short.

God bless.
Nov 21 2011 06:38 PM
Congrats! I'm so happy for you. I'm sorry that you felt you had to wait so long to announce your pregnancy but in sharing your story, you've given a lot of us hope. May your little ones be a huge blessing to you.
Congrats!! I was wondering how you have been... enjoy it- you've worked so hard to get here!!!
Congrats and thanks for sharing. You story is an ispiration to all of us.
Thanks so much and may God bless you and your little ones.
Big hug to you!!!
Congrats Thankful! Twin boys are so much fun! In case you haven't noticed it, there is a 'PG with Multiples' section on the board. There is also a 'Twin Babies' thread and a 'Twin Toddlers' thread in the 'Parents Playroom'. I have gotten a lot of support in those areas. Come and join us!
Congratulations! It is definitely inspiring to read your story and be hopeful for the future. It is a long and hard road and sometimes it is easy to lose your way and lose faith. I hope one day soon to be so blessed. :)
Nov 22 2011 02:25 AM
Wonderful. Glad you finally got what you were after. As for the worry, my parents say you stop worrying about your kids when YOU die. This is so true.

You are over the first hurdles now, getting pregnant, making the 2ww, making 12 weeks, now making it past 24, you are doing great. As others have said, try and enjoy what is left. You can be secure in the knowledge that if anything were to happen now, they would do anything in their power to ensure a positive outcome, and the survival rate at over 27 weeks, is awesome. My physio therapists wife, had their DS at 26 weeks and he is doing wonderfully, he was even out 3 weeks before his due date.

I only tell you these things so you can enjoy yourself, and to take some worry away from you, trust me when I tell you there will be lots to worry about later. Save driving yourself crazy for when you have no control over them anymore and they start to be their own person, which happens right after they are born. This may be the only time you get to experience this, so enjoy and treasure every minute you can.

This is truly an awesome time.
Congrats on your pg...and don't be afraid to post on this site...the pg's and births are a vital part of this site, just because you become a parent doesn't mean you have to leave here, that's not how the site will always be welcome here and I'm sure you have many many people after your hardship that want to hear and read about your journey, your happy pg journey.....I believe the women on here are very happy for you, you've had a long road of ttc we all want off the ride...a new ride is awaiting you, I hope you continue to stay with the site :)
Amen and congratulations again. My heart sings for you and your boys. :)
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Congratulations on your much deserved pregnancy, hope and faith is something that helps all of us at some point during if. Don't leave the site seeing stories like yours gives myself and many other hope.I love seeing all th sucess stories,enjoy your pregnancy.
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