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Posted by tamsing , 26 July 2010 · 880 views

Well, it looks like the end of my IVF journey is near. It's unfortunate that I am only starting this blog now as I have been in need of an outlet but I have felt without a sound environment to communicate my thoughts and feelings.
My IVF journey has consumed so much of my time, energy, and though process since 2006, and I know it would have helped me to be able to express or "get out" my concerns, questions, heart aches and even positive outlook (that does happen at times ;)
I guess I am classified as a VET even though I don't feel like one. I am only 30 years old (soon to be 31) and a lot of our friends are just starting their families themselves. Every time I go through this process I feel like it's the first time. I can never remember what happens when and why. Perhaps that's a coping mechanism for me but either way, even though my husband and I have been at this for 4 years, I don't feel like I know all their is to know about the process.
All I can do is share me opinions and experiences and how it relates to me/us. Even though I only have 4 little embryo's left I don't feel like this journey will ever really end. We have decided to move on to adoption if things don't work out for us. But we will always be a couple who went through this process, a couple who bonded through all the ups and downs and a couple who are filled with love and can't wait to share that with a child of our own.

Wishing you thw best with whatever decision you make.
Your IVF journey may be near an end, but there s always a good chance you may fall pg naturally, which I very much wish you all the best.
I too had a bad case of Endometriosis, first diagnosed when I was 17, I've had it burnt off 3 times with surgery over the years (the last time being 1999.
I am now 38yrs old, and after 14yrs of TTC I am now expecting my first baby on Nov 19th.
You are young, perhaps you can look into having this surgery and treating your blocked tubes...there is still hope. Never give up.
Nothing is impossible!
I wish you well I hope you too get your dream come true to start a family.

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