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DD And Family

Posted by kookacola , 21 October 2012 · 1179 views

Our dd is 2, almost 3!!!(hard to believe)anyways, I called my dad last night to inform him we were coming in next Saturday to visit my cousin who's coming in for a visit too. He informed me he was leaving for his trip Friday and invited him to our house so he could see us and dd one last time before he leaves. He declined:( I'm a bit hurt and dissappointed by this. When dd was younger, he cam out every month or so. Then there's my mother and sister. They both complain that we haven't been out to see my mom with dd for a visit. At this time, it's not a good idea for many reason why we're unable to come out there for visits. My sister on the other hand, could get off her arse and come and see us. There's no excuse why she doesn't. We live 2 hours away and the highway is twinned all the way. Finally there's fil and mil. They live the closest and mil is now retired but working occassionaly and she too doesn't come and visit with dd. What I don't get is everyone whined and complained that they wanted grandchildren and now that we have dd, they never come and visit. I want dd to know her family but I can't force them to come and see her and I and dh feel we've gone enough times that it's time they come and see us. I guess it's something that I'll just shake my head at.

I can relate, my mother makes zero effort to see her grandsons, my dad on the other hand comes every sunday and is a wonderful grandpa, my mil & fil are amazing, my mil makes up for my lack of a mother. It's really hard when family especially grandparents don't put forth the effort, as for your sister well 2hrs doesn't sound like alot but it's still a trip and that is 4hrs of travel for her but it would be nice if she came to see you once every couple of months. I'm sorry you have crummy grandparents for your dd ♥

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