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Posted by kookacola , 18 June 2015 · 2153 views

For the past few years, I've been feeling like I don't belong in my family.  Family I mean my mom, sister, cousins on my mother's side of the family.  My sister is an alcoholic, my mother's life is in shambles since she left her dh 6 years ago, and I found out recently that my family except my oldest cousin has been making cheap shots at dh....


The "Ignore Game"

Posted by kookacola , 25 April 2015 · 1233 views
Children mentioned
I've been married to dh for almost 19 years.  In mY opinion mil and I have had an off an on relationship.  For the most part we get along very well.  When dh's younger brother got marrie (now divorced sadly) mil ignored me.  Sil somewhat ignored me too.  I follow my gut and I felt that bil and sil wouldn't work out and sadly, my g...


Crushing My Dreams Before They Start

Posted by kookacola , 03 January 2015 · 1730 views

Yesterday before dh went back to work, I went over and hugged him and said "Somehow this year we'll have another baby" he then turns around and says "maybe it didn't work because of you sleep apnea" I then said that it didn't work because I was  under stress and I've gained weight since the last cycle which was almost 6 years ago.  That in itsel...



Posted by kookacola , 31 December 2014 · 1139 views
Sucess mentioned
So dd's birthday is tomorrow.  Yes, New Years Day.  It was bittersweet because we tried for 13 years to finally have her and we were crowned the New Years baby for the city.  Today unlike other New Years Eve since I"ve had dd, I find myself feeling very sad and hopeless.  Not sure if it's seeing all the ladies on the thread I was on ge...


dd's Concern

Posted by kookacola , 23 August 2013 · 1211 views

A months ago or so I had a sore removed and it was sent away.  The result cam back as cancarious.  Then my gp wanted to open up the wond one more time and make sure he got all of it.  Honestly, the second time was much more painful and a bigger wound because he took more tissue out.  Ever since then dd is very worried about me, sh...


The Holiday Let Down

Posted by kookacola , 30 December 2012 · 829 views
Loss mentioned
I was looking forward to the holidays this year. I enjoyed watching the festivities through my dd's eyes.  I have thei s feeling that something is missing and still is.  Not sure if it's because my dad only came down for the day on Christmas Eve, or because we never saw mil or fil.  Dd is going to be 3 in a matter or hours.  I really enjoyed the t...


New Year's Resolutions

Posted by kookacola , 30 December 2012 · 758 views

So..... a new year is just about upon us.  I have a few resolutions.  Do you? I want to be more organized, I want to tame my paitence more.  Some days I get very snarky and I don't think it's fair that dh or dd get the brunt of it.  I also want to shop wisely.  That I mean I want to make sure i'm getting a deal and not paying to much for thing...


DD And Family

Posted by kookacola , 21 October 2012 · 1170 views

Our dd is 2, almost 3!!!(hard to believe)anyways, I called my dad last night to inform him we were coming in next Saturday to visit my cousin who's coming in for a visit too.  He informed me he was leaving for his trip Friday and invited him to our house so he could see us and dd one last time before he leaves. He declined:( I'm a bit...


Potty Training

Posted by kookacola , 08 October 2012 · 1498 views

So dh and I decided this would be a good weekend to start potty training dd.  We thought this weekend was a good start because we weren't planning on going anywhere.  We haven't been as dilagient as yesterday and Saturday:( I've talked to a few customers and they tell me it's easy.  I know dd is smart and catches on quickly to things.  She...


A comment That Does NOT need To Be Said.... Period

Posted by kookacola , 26 August 2012 · 1752 views

I thought I'd blog about this because 1.  It's bothering me a lot and 2.  I need to let it go.  I have a cousin and she's adopted a girl and can't post pictures of her on FB.  She, my mom and my sister on many occassions including today, have told me NOT to post pictures of the adoptive child on FB.  I'm so so sick of this comment comi...

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