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The Clinic Moves

Posted by kookacola , 09 October 2012 · 1024 views

It will be a while before we can embark on an fet.  When we do, we'll put back both embies if they'll let us.  I understand that maybe the fertility clinic may need more room but I feel that they should have notified paitents BEFORE they moved instead of after by email at that.  As I said, I"m ok with a move but I think we all should have been...


Unemployed again:( and strugging to keep posative

Posted by kookacola , 15 May 2011 · 1016 views

As somve of you know, I got fired a months ago.  Before that I ended up working one day a week at my former job and that wasn't working because all of my paycheque was going to a sitter of which for some reason I had to pay.  Dh has only paid the sitter out HIS pocket twice since I went back to work last year.  So I've had some very good interview...


Expecations part 2

Posted by kookacola , 05 February 2011 · 821 views

Well. I did it, I told my 2 friends how important it was for them to come to dd's party.  I ralize I'm posting about this late but. it took me a few days to muster up the curage to do it.  One friend told me it was becasue of car troubles but I understand but I told her she cold have told me that.  The other friend I felt was selfish in her answer...



Posted by kookacola , 29 December 2010 · 985 views

So my dd's birthday is on New Year's Day and I decided to plan a small party.  I invited about ohh 12 or so people and the only people who've rsvpd already is dh, me and a friend.  Other people haven't let me know and I think that's rude as I need to know how big of a cake to get and food.  I'm very happy my friend is coming becaus...


Do What It Takes

Posted by kookacola , 05 December 2010 · 913 views

Three years ago, I got a part time job because I wanted to get out of the house and meet people.  I ran a sucessful business out of my house looking after other people's kids.  So all was well.  Then I had a customer who's ds was a challange and his dad woudln't meet me halfway.  So for the safety of myself and other kids, I had to let them go...



Posted by kookacola , 05 November 2010 · 507 views

So a little badkground.  My sister and I don't get along, in fact when I had dd, her and mum were very ahh "in my face" my mom wanted to come and see dd even thought I didn't know when we'd be out of the hospital :th_aggahhh: So when I was pg with dd I mentally and emotionally geared myself up to NOT to expect anything from either of t...


Undivided Attention

Posted by kookacola , 16 October 2010 · 731 views

So as I've been posting either on my blogs or status updates, I'm trying to land another job.  So yesterday I want for an interview with the recruiting firm.  I thought all in all the interview went great since I never left second guessing myself.  What did annoy me during the interview was that the recruiter did NOT give her undivided attention....


Winning The Ttc Lottery

Posted by kookacola , 14 October 2010 · 1030 views

A couple of weeks ago I happened to overhear that a co worker JUST found out she's pg..... well she told the cook and he's kinda loud so it wasn't hard to miss.  I know her and she did mention to me that she's been ttcing or really thinking about it.  I told her I was very happy for her and she asked I don't say anything because of fea...


OMG!! I Can't Believe Mil's Trust In Dh!!!

Posted by kookacola , 09 October 2010 · 542 views

Tomorrow I have the day off :Emoticons01015: I"m very happy about that but am wondering why I got the day off since my boss just gave me shyte a couple weeks ago about taking time off and NEVER ask for days off again :th_aggahhh: So before we knew I was going to get the day off, dh and dd were going to go with fil to the tractor pull in Saskatechwan....


Running on empty

Posted by kookacola , 09 October 2010 · 727 views

I'm at my wits end and I'd like to go to dh and ask him or tell him I'd like to quit my job but financialy we can't.  I actually had a thought tonight that if I hadn't wanted a family soooooo bad, I wouldn't be in thie mess:( My boss has gotten a bit better but I've had to stand up for myself.  Now a guy who worked there while...

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