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Trying to cheer up my DH

Posted by ladylazarus , 29 September 2012 · 1548 views

OK, this is sort of a weird topic and it has very little to do with IF, other than that our little family is very broke in the aftermath of IF and business is very bad right now (we own our own business). In the wake of all this slow-motion financial train wreck, my DH decided to pursue his passion of starting a political movement. Sure, why not? We are A...


Struggle & Support

Posted by ladylazarus , 04 December 2011 · 3302 views

What does it mean to be supportive? Sometimes I get lucky and say the right thing at the right time. More often than not, it's just saying what I believe now to be the standard statements of support, "I'm so sorry" and "Is there anything I can do?" Then that puts the control right back in the hands of the person I want to support r...



Posted by ladylazarus , 18 July 2010 · 1014 views

For everyone who responded to my blog about my step-cousin, thank you for the support. I was pretty nervous about causing her any additional pain. I'm happy to report that she already knew I was pregnant and was already very happy for me. Her friend let her know, to which I am very grateful. Her friend also let her know that I was aware that something...



Posted by ladylazarus , 17 July 2010 · 1175 views

When I analyze the grief of infertility from my own limited experience, it seems to come in two forms: the roller coaster grief that is like a sine wave and the major grief that is like a massive tsunami that mows you down without mercy.The sine wave grief is the pain that tugs on your heart when you see a baby being pushed in a stroller, see kids at play...


HUMOR - A Dad's Guide to Baby Sizes

Posted by ladylazarus , 15 July 2010 · 3112 views

I don't have a DH who's very handy or even likes sports (it's politics and guitars all the way) but I ran across this website weeks ago and thought it was pretty funny:Enough is enough I say!  This one goes out to all my fellow soon-to-be Dadís who are also sick of seeing a different fruit each and every single week that our wives keep sen...


The Elephant Story

Posted by ladylazarus , 09 July 2010 · 1312 views

I originally posted this story on my "About Me" page, with the specific intention of NOT starting a blog. I figured a blog would just suck me in, because I love writing and I spend way too much time lurking on this site as it is!! In the end, I had enough comments from the lovely ladies who read my story, urging me to make a blog entry, th...

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