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The saga continues

Posted by Yvonne , 12 October 2011 · 1008 views

I'm remembering July 2010 when we were going to do our first ever IVF.  The RE was so positive that we had good chances of sucess with IVF, I was optimistic and so was my husband.  The cycle seemed to go well, we had lots of good embryos....then the dreaded ohss came and the looong drive back home from Victoria without any embryos. But surely we thought t...


Who knew it would take this much perserverance?

Posted by Yvonne , 30 April 2011 · 965 views

Well it's now just over a year since my first consult with my RE to talk about doing IVF.  At that time I was new to fertility treatments but had been dealing with infertility for about 6 years.  I remember having such high hopes that the first IVF cycle would work.  We looked like good candidates to be successful but unfortunately due to ohss we were...


Loving the break!

Posted by Yvonne , 05 April 2011 · 992 views

After doing 3 cycles in about 6 months I'm actually very much enjoying NOT doing any treatment at the moment.  It was feeling like I'd just start recovering from the disappointment of one cycle and then be going right into another and feeling scared of ending up in the same bad place again...which of course I did!  I used to feel like I wanted...


This time I was glad to not be a mom!

Posted by Yvonne , 25 December 2010 · 936 views

We had a family gathering last night at one of dh's aunt and uncle's house.  Dh is the oldest of all his siblings and cousins and now they are all growing up and having tons of babies in the past few years.  Some of them we don't see very often so it was a chance to catch up on the latest updates on births and pregnancies.  One of his cousins...


Apparently I'm lucky.

Posted by Yvonne , 04 December 2010 · 1412 views

So I went to my newphew's 3rd birtday at a bowling alley today.  It was full of kids and moms and me.  I didn't know anyone there very well at all except for my sister in law and she was obviously busy with the party.  I tried to talk to people but it was a kind of group that all knew each other and no one made any kind of attempt to talk to me mu...


I can't believe someone said this!

Posted by Yvonne , 02 November 2010 · 692 views

I went to Lenscrafters today to buy new glasses.  The salesman was very helpful as I was trying to decide on which frames to pick.  I told him that I was surprised that at my eye exam today I was told that my vision had actually improved in one of my eyes.  I had thought it typically should just stay the same or get a bit worse over time.  So he says to m...


It's finally done

Posted by Yvonne , 29 October 2010 · 904 views

Our first ever IVF cycle started in July/August and now in October we finally got to do a transfer.  No pregancy for us.  After this experience I now think IVF is the kind of thing you only want to go through if it is sucessful.  Of course there is no way to know ahead of time what the outcome will be.


Pharmacy experiences

Posted by Yvonne , 27 September 2010 · 835 views

I get most of my IVF meds at my clinic because they required it with the payment option I signed up for.  Once in a while I need something when I'm not near the clinic and so I get it filled at my local pharmacy.  It is always for a different use that what the label and information says.  For example last week I had one pharmacist telling me the antib...


Embryo transfer-Take 2

Posted by Yvonne , 18 September 2010 · 718 views

We weren't able to transfer any embryos with our IVF last month.  Now finally I'm finished the round of birth control pills, and I'm on day 2. My FET is tentatively booked for Oct. 7.  I am so glad that we get to continue this process instead of starting it over.  When we were explaining about IVF to dh's step mom she said that freezing em...


Our journey

Posted by Yvonne , 26 August 2010 · 993 views

I was just reflecting today on all that's happened over the past years since we started trying to have children.  Now I'm at a point where I accept this is the reality for us.  It is not easy for us to have a child in any way we've tried.  Thirteen years ago I married my husband.  We were both 21 and I was in university.  I thought I'd wan...

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