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Im in the 2ww again.......

Posted by kristinaR , 13 June 2012 · 4279 views

symptoms anyone
Hi ladies just wanted to doc this Ivfs 2ww,.....Can anyone tell me thier sympotms as well. Ill doc mine till beta here.Hopfully can help others too.

DAY OF ET--June12/2012 Transfered 5AB and 4AB
Went home for bedrest, tired, few tiny pulls.

1dp 5dt---June13/12-----Really tired today(achy too), thats about it,few "O" type feelings
in ovary area. Later evening felt exhuasted.Gassy,backache, Broke out last night bad.

2dp 5dt----woke up during night to pee,..didnt sleep well. Small cramps woke up with and backache, headache and muscles just sore.
Felt a few pull twinges today. Bloated full feeling in evening.small cramps.Hungry all day.dizziness and indigestion funky stomach feeling of gurgly tummy thats hungry after eating.weird feeling below belly button.

3dp 5dt---Toss and turned during night, warm, had to pee,...woke up feeling pretty good. Little back ache. Tiny bit of dizziness
and little tired. Major bloated today.....thats it!!! cant help googleing and freaking out cuz i feel good. Not much of appetite compared to
yesterday.Clothes are very tight.thirsty. veiny boobs, evening twinges gentle cramps ....indigestion hungry again. weird feeling below belly button.

4dp 5dt---tiny backache,...but good overall. no peeing last night. Started to have achy feeling in uterus. Few cramps on and off,,, warm today. Evening feel constipated. But overall today felt good, little indigestion. Had a massage today.

5dp 5dt---Insomnia all night. Dry mouth. little bit of backache woke up with. few pinces by left ovary. Cheeks are glowing today....warm.
Major big belly bloated again.sneezing.Afternoon peeing more and tired feeling. Felt so hot tonight and cheeks pink.

6dp 5dt---Woke up to pee,..some cramps during night, woke up with backache and few cramps. When i put progeterone in the applicator had small tinge of pinkish brown. Feel achy like AF....but then gone.

7dp 5dt--Woke up with backache(could be way i slept). Burning up Hot today, cheeks very pink. Tiny wee little pinkish spot on pantyliner, tired.
Light Cramps on and off. Feeling like AF is coming just blaaaaaaaaaa.

8dp 5dt--Woke up twice 2 pee during night. Could fall back asleep at 5am, starving. Dull achyiness in lower uterine/ovary area(heavy).
Fell back to sleep after for 3hrs.Got really warm again this afternoon, bloated big time.Bit of tiny achy cramps,little backache, tired. A bit
of acid reflex.cheeks still pink.

9dp 5dt----Beta today!!! OMG BFP!!!!! 178 was the number. Im sooo nervous, but happy. Its hard to not be nervous, as it feels so dejavu. My cheeks
are still pink....peeing lots today, feeling of fullness in the uterus. Hurts to sit a certain way. Little backache and had more AF like cramps this evening. But now gone.tired. Little acid reflex.

Jun 13 2012 08:54 PM
Without going back in my own blog to January 2009 I don't know that I recall how I was feeling physically. However, I clearly recall my mental state. I have a theory that up to 6 days post 3 day transfer we're on the emotional high of hope and optimism that comes with our efforts and the meds. Around day 6 or 7 there is a hormone crash that inevitably results in feelings of doubt and fear and you're left wondering where your good mood went. Within a couple days, if the cycle worked hope returns as the natural hormones kick in and it's up from there.

Good Luck. Please keep track of your emotional state too, I'd love if you could prove my theory as something women should be taking into consideration too.

I agree with DesignerBug, I am on Day 7 of a day three transfer and I had a MAJOR crash yesterday! Thanks to DB and some other wonderful ladies on this site I am hoping to reclaim my hope and have a little faith in my two embryos! Best of luck to you!
I hear you on the ups and downs ladies,.... I felt good at first feeling different than when i get cramps i worry, then when theres nothing i worry...UGH 2ww sucks.

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