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Ladies im living proof!

Posted by kristinaR , 03 October 2010 · 4495 views

I wanted to share this to keep the hope and positivity going around.
Well today was our ET. As many of you know, we really struggled in our first cycle...mostly due to quality issues. After speaking to all the nurses , our DR and embryologist we were told theres nothing they can suggest or do for the quality. I had 19 eggs retrieved on first IVF, and none made it to freeze and our 2 best that were put in were 3ab and 2ab. unfortunately that ended in miscarriage. We had a follow-up with our DR and he said to be honest the quality was really bad from my Endo...they just werent surviving.He told us to not throw in the towel and try again, but if the same things were to happen then hed suggest a donor.So for the last 4 months Donor had been on the back of my mind, but deep down,..i prayed so much that we wouldnt have to take that route! I swore i was doing everything differently this time and i did. I cut out coffee 1 and half months B4 this #2IVF. Then cut out caffine and tried to just drink caffine free beverages.I took chia seeds as a naturopathic on this forum told me to take lots of anitioxidants and the chia seeds have lots! Took Ground flax would make shakes and put the flax and chia seeds in them. Took supplements other ladies have tried. Royal jelly, coq10,and vitamin D took my pregvit folic5, and vitamin c. I also tried cutting out some breads with flour and drank Almond milk and still do.(these foods are not good for endo). So after 4 has paid off! :) Were so excited! Today we transfered 2 4aa's and to top it off, we got 3 excellent embryos to freeze and possibly 1 more tomm.:) Were still in shock. The DR and RE both cannot believe such a turn around for me and are very pleased. Our DR also did a Biopsy at ER this time which will help implantation alot! So here we go! I can just feel it this time! officiallyPUPO! Here's to the 2ww! :banana:

Wow, all of the lifestyle changes REALLY made a difference. Good for you for making such positive changes. I hope the 2ww goes quickly for you, good luck!
Oct 03 2010 05:47 PM
Great news!! I'm really rooting for you...lots of reason to hope. Enjoy being PUPO!!!! :th_acheerlead:
Oct 03 2010 05:50 PM
Yay! Congrats on your awesome embies!! Enjoy being PUPO!!! :th_acheerlead:
Outstanding! Congrats on being PUPO! Best of luck!
This is fantastic Kristina!! :th_acheerlead:
Congrats on taking control and making some real changes in your life. Seems it has really paid off. Good luck with your beta :th_acheerlead:
Amazing changes! Congratulations on your 2 awesome embies! :th_acheerlead:
Great news! Congratulations! Stick babies, stick!
Great results so far, Kristina! Hope to hear about your BFP soon. :Emoticons09757:
Oct 04 2010 11:27 AM
YAY Kristina! So happy that this cycle has turned out so much better than the last one. Stick babies stick! Looking forward to your BFP news. Best wishes! :Emoticons09757:
wow thanks for sharing. I am going to cut coffee, lord knows I need all the help I can get too. I am on wheatgrass and royal gelly, preg vit 5 and enzymes to help me absorbe the vitamins.
That is amazing!! I hope the 2ww goes by fast and that you get your BFP!
Oct 04 2010 04:41 PM
That is great news! I cut out caffeine since '08, and I can count on my hand how many caffeine free pops I have had since I stopped bfeeding Ryan. I have been drinking cranberry juice for many years, and now that is all I drink....sometimes I treat myself with ginger ale and orange juice(along with the cranberry juice). My family has already dubbed it the "ottawa cocktail"! I just need to have my husband be more diligent in keeping up his vitamin regime...he definitely slacked off the last year and a half, and now we are paying for it with .5% normal sperm!
We expect our IVF#3 to be December/January timeframe, so hopefully it has improved since his SA in July, and our rather piss poor fert report last month!

Keep us posted!
that's amazing! I too love the chia!
Oct 04 2010 11:08 PM
Praying your 2ww ends with 2 strong, bold lines along with a healthy and strong pregnancy!

Thanks SO much for sharing what you did to make a difference to your EQ.


Thanks everyone for reading! I hope itll help others in my situation:)Praying for BFP:)
Awesome!!!! Good luck, girl!!! :Emoticons09780:

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