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Posted by kristinaR , 25 September 2010 · 1256 views

Hey ladies a little advice needed......No one in the family is aware we are doing cycle#2 right now, by choice and we are running into some issue about invites for dinner etc, which will be after ER and possible Day of ET(i will find out tomm). I told my self this cycle that i was going to take 2 weeks to "myself" to relax. I dont like saying no all the time, as weve been trying to make a point of spending less time with family and more time with each other, just cuz some people dont get along with others etc. I dont need any stress right now(as our last cycle was very stressful and we did whatever) and so id rather not go for dinner and just stay home. How do we say no thanks without spilling the beans or hurting thier feelings? :Emoticons09780:

Having no family around us, we've never encountered this problem. However, I pretty much lie for a living so here goes.
1. you've both started a cleanse. It's 2 weeks long, so unfortunatly you'll just be eating lettuce and disgusting herb pills for 14 days, but will be done my thanksgiving, and will see them then.
2. you've promised a friend you'd help her move/pack/clean for a few days/that weekend. Maybe you can do it next weekend? then midweek, be sure and cancel saying you're feeling under the weather.
3. blame it on working late, too exhausted etc etc wanting to spend some time at home, doing some fall cooking/cleaning/organizing etc
4. say yes, and then call the moring OF the dinner and cancel, saying you're sick and staying in bed.
5. tell your family you and DH are going away for a mini vacation to a cabin, and just dont answer your phone.
Dont know if any of these will work for you. But dont fret about it too much. That is stress in itself. If it's far in advance I'd say yes, then cancel closed to the date. Just be sick Sickness works well. The cleanse line has worked for me a bunch of times.

Goodluck. :giggle:
Sep 25 2010 08:44 PM
I agree. Say no in a way that makes it clear it's not that you don't want to spend time with them, but you just can't make it.
I don't think you even need to give a reason. Just say 'it's so lovely of you to invite us, unfortunately those dates don't work for us, how about nov 14th" (or whenever does work for you) . Then you are not lying or saying no. If getting in a big group is too much stress, then be proactive and arrange to meet for brunch (nice and short) with one or two people at a time and plan a month ahead for after your transfer and rest period. You never know, they might cancel if the date is way ahead :giggle:
thanks ladies!:Emoticons01015:

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