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Why are some people so rude!

Posted by kristinaR , 18 August 2010 · 1508 views

So today i had to call to rebook my SIS Scan cuz of AF showing up when shes not suppose too! Iam on Lupron to prevent this, anyway..DR and nurses arent sure why she has come but everybodys different they say. So i once again had to rebook my SIS. i called to speak with the nurse i was speaking to and the Reception lady just cut me off and said "shes not in". So i said oh ok, when is she in"tommorow" she replys. I said well i need to cancel my Sis that was suppose to be for tommorow and rebook it for next week. Lady"I cant rebook i have no room", i said "well i was told youd find room cuz it has to be done before the 2nd of Sept...as i have my basline then". She said"well first of all i have no room we cant get you in", and second if your period came you have to wait until day 7-12 of your cycle". At this point i was mad, howd she know my period came(maybe she can see my chart?) ...and i dont have a normal cycle as im on the Lupron...this was just a fluke. I told her "im sorry but i dont think you understand what im going through right now, as im on the Lupron i dont get a cycle, id like to speak with a nurse please". She said" I cant book i SIS for you if your bleeding". I was really upset trying to keep calm. I said to her" i realize i cannot have the SIS done right now and that is the reason for my call, please transfer me to a nurse". She cut me off and said" ill transfer you to the message line", and i was cutt off. I was so upset, she transfered me to the wrong line! Shes not trained in any of this its pretty obvious! i have never had a good experience talking with this lady on the phone ever! :th_aggahhh: I called back the IVF box, and left a message with the nurses, and explained what just happened with Reception. I got i call back 4 hrs later from the IVF corrdinator, apologized to me and booked me in next Tuesday.
Gezzzz seriously why are some people so rude and inconsiderate? And if you dont know what your talking about then dont talk! :th_angrywife:
Sorry Ladies had to vent! I have had orverall a good experience at Edmonton clinic, but latley my minds in question.hummmm. Pray the next cycle will be fine!:) ;)

How rude! That receptionists' behaviour is completely unnecessary..
She shouldnt work in a place like that....end of story!
;) :wacko:
I'm so sorry she completely screwed your day up ;) I totally avoid calling reception and just call the IVF line directly, the nurses usually call back within a day or two. I've always gotten that kind of attitude from the one receptionist (I know exactly who you're referring to). Aside from that, I'm sure your upcoming cycle will go wonderfully :wacko:
Aug 18 2010 08:11 PM
I can't believe that happened to you! WOW! I am glad you got a call from the coordinator. If it keeps bothering you would you consider writing a letter of complaint? Hopefully it would go on this lady's HR file and possibly she could get a warning. It might help save someone else from the crap you had to deal with. I am so sorry. I hope the rest of your cycle goes well.
Aug 18 2010 09:06 PM
The funny thing is, they are talking to women on meds...meds that make them moody and bitchy... :wacko: I think a prerequisite in this job should be to have compassion.
I would have been really upset too. I am glad you got to speak with someone who knew what they were talking about and I hope that they will talk to the receptionist about phone manners!
I'm glad it all got sorted out in the end. I found dealing with the clinic was one of the worst parts of cycling.
Aug 19 2010 09:17 AM
Yeah, I had to talk to that receptionist a few times which made me choose Foothills. She is not a nice lady. Sorry you had to deal with that crap.
Wow, I don't get why people are so rude either. I was just there this morning and I think I know which one you're referring to. I'm glad you got it all sorted out, good luck with the rest of your cycle!!!!

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