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IVF # 1 Sorry if there TMI in some parts girls

Posted by kristinaR , 02 June 2010 · 4146 views

After all the Stims were finally through...I felt like i was 5 months preg from those stims! geeezzz
Well ER (ER for me was extremley painful, as my left ovary is squished up behind the uterus from my Endometreosis. :(..)We got 19 eggs,..11 fertilized. 2made it to days 5 and the rest didnt make it past...none to freeze.:(

April 132010 and ET--april 18th2010

Transfered 2 blasts--3ab,2ab
My 2ww---
ER april13/10
ET april18/10
1dpt--cramps like af(thought oh no shes coming)
2dpt--cramps like af(same shell be here anytime), BBs soar and pointy nipps, lotza veins on upper thighs, Very sleepy all of a sudden,..then insomnia during the night!
3dpt--Cramps(lighter), feeling more normal, but happy for no reason
4dpt--cramps(lots throughout the night and morning,swear shes coming)tossed and turned. Felt very unhappy today just bla,very tired(extremly).emotional. Hubby didnt help being rude. :(
5dpt--Cramps on and off, bla feeling and tossed and turned that night with cramps.
6dpt--cramps(light achey ones) was fine all night till got home about730-8pm and noticed a light brown spot on liner.
7dpt--Had ok sleep, woke up and kinda layed there. Got up all on sudden felt like af was here, went to bathroom, and had really bad pain like when im getting af.Fine most of day
little cramping and thought she was here. Looked all day and only spotting. After dinner felt wet...looked and one big reddish-pink spot on liner. Freaked out started crying. I feel
like its all over. So upset. Search for answers. Some sites say can still be prego.??? will wait and see. :(
8dpt-cramps,..woke up to brownish blood on pad(not alot), back ache,feels like af. Still put Progeterone tablet up, call clinic and left message. Put new liner on, praying itll go away.
still back of my mind says maybe,..could be something else, as its not as heavy as af.Just in pain(take Tylenol.)
9dpt--Wake up to pad spotted with brown discharge..then put liner on changed it twice this morning(was reddish pink bloodbut still pretty light) about 130pm put pad on cuz i thought lots would come,..so far for
the last 3hours have had a bit of spotting reddish pink again but definitly not like af.weird. Has gotten lighter as the day has gone by.scared for blood work tomm. Tonight constipated, bloated,...nipps were darker
and boobs veiny. hummm hoping!
10dpt---up early to do my b/w today! i felt cramps alot again, got outta bed, went to bathroom,,,af is here, im sure. but it smells funny. I figured what do i have to loose, i cant be preg. Used my only hpt.
came back positive!!WTF! i donno. hope im not having a m/c. Got results this afternoon! BFP!! OMG!! Beta 73. I go bac in 2 days for another...still bleeding so praying my heart out!
Passed 2 peices of tissues tonight, was sad to see hope its not my babies! :( praying lots cramps.
11dpt--Didnt sleep well again,..woke up with af still,..lots. POAS to check again, still + hopes are up. Today was a long day, mom ended up having a mimic heart attack, i had to call 911 and go through everything with
her. was not fun,...very stressful as i was scared something would happen. Glad to say shes doing good...at the royal alec, for a few days of monitoring. Thankgod!thankyou thankyou
Praying babies are safe and that today didnt stress them out too much.
13dpt--Beta dropped to 20 :( Nurses say to retest in 1 week and keep taking the pergestrone. Upset right now,..cried all day. Praying for a miracle.Still bleeding, but lighter.
14dpt--Tested hpt a very faint (not even visible, maybe im dreaming) second line. No more hpts,..will wait for the news.still light bleed.
15dptmay1st---to now may4th:Backache,..gassy,..bloating.very fatigue..a pulling in the uterus...bit of a glow still...body veiny...Still have insomnia..pee more but nothing drastic.and thought af was gone yesterday but then light watery spotting
today.weird. 2 more days till 3rd verdict beta.
May6th-- BFN :( :icon_cry:

A butterfly lights beside us like a sunbeam. And for a brief moment, Its glory and beauty belong to our world…But then it flies on again, And though we wish it could have stayed, We feel so lucky to have seen it. :Emoticons09780:

May8th--started maca and royal jelly, coq10, chia seeds...eating lotza salmon now, flax seed, and nuts(omegas).Also excersizing to loose some of the excess weight,..and more!hehehe.

May 16th/10-- Had follow-up with Dr M. He said we were so close, he suspects the problem to be with the endo,..and possibly implantation issue(lining)? But hes not sure,..as my hormone/blood levels were excellent. He said because implantation
occured it was a chemical...so we are aiming for better quality Eggs(due to my endo),..He's going to put me on a little lower dose of Menopur(last time was on gonal f 450) this time so that hopefully we achive bigger/better follices instead
of a million that are no good!. He said he will also do a endo biopsy when we do ER . This has an inflamatory effect on the uterus which i guess supports implantation very well. So were praying that this is our answer. He also said that
hubby needs to go on champex(stop smoking),..smoking can irritate the chances by 20%. We got the perscription...oooh its gonna be fun!:(not! lol
Feeling more positive this round.:)

June 1st--still waiting for Af to arrive so we can start suppresants. I never thought id want her to come so badly but i do! :th_aggahhh:
Heres to the next cycle! Cheers!

It's amazing what you learn from the first cycle, whether it ends in a BFP or BFN. I hate the way progesterone fools you into thinking either BFP or AF--you just have no idea! It sounds like you've got a great plan moving into the next cycle. I'll be cheering for you! :)
Jun 02 2010 11:05 PM
Best of Luck for the next round Kristina - sounds like the RE knows what he is doing.
Good luck!

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