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Hoping for our miracle!


Medications are underway!

Posted by Ames , 31 May 2011 · 800 views

May 29 was the first day of Suprafact! So far, so good... no major mood swings, no headaches, no hot flashes...it's only day 3 though so there is still plenty of time for all that craziness. As if adjusting to new meds isn't hard enough, we are making some pretty big changes in our lives. The biggest for me is the job that I applied for today-...


Where has the first 16 days gone?

Posted by Ames , 24 May 2011 · 742 views

It's CD 16 already, which means the Menopause in a bottle starts on Sunday! I called today to pay the fee, and the prescriptions were being faxed this afternoon. This cycle so far has absolutely flown by, and I know from experience that things only go faster once the meds start. Life then becomes a chaotic routine of watching the clock for the nex...


The biggest difference for me from IVF#1 to IVF#2

Posted by Ames , 15 May 2011 · 716 views

Well, 2 weeks from today I start my first medication...the dreaded Suprafact (AKA Menopause in a bottle). I was thinking this morning that the first fresh cycle by now the clinic was paid in full and I had the spray upstairs waiting to start. I was much more anxious, and it seemed like CD21 would never arrive for me to start the meds.This time though, we...


Time to be honest...

Posted by Ames , 10 May 2011 · 1136 views

So, I needed to get this out there, because it has been bothering me for a bit now and I'm not sure of what to make of it. DH and I have been together for 10 years. We were together all through university, then enjoyed an 18 month long engagement, and will celebrate 3 years of marriage in July. And to be honest, that is a long time together...so why d...


Let's try this again!

Posted by Ames , 09 May 2011 · 702 views

So... today is officially CD1 for our second try at IVF with ICSI. Last time, I was less excited and more nervous than anything. This time though, I am just excited which is great to be able to say:D I'm going to try blogging a lot more this time around, and I have a few other changes in protocol and my own plans which might help me stay more positive...



Posted by Ames , 05 November 2010 · 851 views

Well, the results are in. What I felt in my heart all along came true... our precious little embies can't stay with us. My beta today came back at less than 2. Last night I had started to spot a bit, and had brownish blood this morning, so we had a rough night. While I was speaking with our amazing nurse, I asked about our FET cycle, and was glad to h...


The cycle is done... now I wait... why do I feel so lost?

Posted by Ames , 24 October 2010 · 700 views

I had every intention of blogging every step of the way of my IVF cycle. But, time flew, and now here we are, 3dp5dt.I guess I'll start by summarizing my cycle. I went for down regulation on Sept 29, and was oh so happy to leave the clinic with the okay to start stims on the 30th pending a low estradol level. I went on my way to work, and as soon as I...


Reflecting on phase one... Suprafact

Posted by Ames , 19 September 2010 · 899 views

Day 5 of suppressing already! It seemed like it took forever to get these meds started, but now that I'm on them, time is actually passing pretty quickly! It seems like I just sniff one dosage down and deal with the HORRIBLE taste that follows (about 10 minutes later as the sinuses drain) and it is almost time to get the next one in me.So far...


Underway, and hoping for success!

Posted by Ames , 03 September 2010 · 666 views

So I'm terrible. I meant to do this post on CD1, which was on August 26. Yep, I'm not the most punctual person. LOLWell, our cycle is underway. I'm trying to be as positive as I can, and to control my stress as best that I can, but it is hard. I didn't realize that it would be so overwhelming to go through this process. Some days, it's...


Protocol! Just waiting on AF now!

Posted by Ames , 13 August 2010 · 574 views

Well, after last week's negative chromosomal tests, we were put on hold again pending a visit to the clinic. Well, yesterday was the day! I went in not knowing exactly what the appointment was for because they didn't give us a reason for needing the appointment.The visit started out with a review of the process and 50 questions from the reside...

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