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Day 5 - Exciting times ahead

Posted by dawnkey , 08 November 2011 · 1199 views

Today my injections went well... I've lost 4lbs since starting stims which I find odd but my body is weird. lol. I was in the isolated washroom at work and looking down at my meds, syringes and medical waste and laughed. It's a good thing no one has walked in on my nightly ritual. It would totally look like I'm a junkie getting my fix at work...


Day 4 = sore tummy!

Posted by dawnkey , 07 November 2011 · 737 views

I'm quite certain that the discomfort I'm feeling is because my ovaries are doing what they are supposed to. My tummy is very unhappy though - I'm tender and bloated all the time. I have this evening off - we went to see some friends in Canmore this afternoon and got home in time to do my shots. DH is the nicest guy in the world... he send me...


Day 3

Posted by dawnkey , 06 November 2011 · 888 views

Injections at work are going really well. I was much more efficient today than I was yesterday. lol.Working all night is not the ideal for most people but for DH and I - it works best. Except on nights like this one... it seems to be never ending. It could be because it's slow at work but it's most likely because of the time change. Most people lo...


Day 2

Posted by dawnkey , 05 November 2011 · 957 views

I'm going to try to add a blog entry everyday. I'm doing this mostly for myself so I can document my feelings while cycling and the events around this cycle. I had to my injections at work this evening. I sent my supervisor an email to let her know that I would be disappearing for 15-20min and that I would have my phone if she urgently needed me.I...


A new chapter

Posted by dawnkey , 04 November 2011 · 1011 views

Yesterday, I went for my suppression blood work at a local lab. I went into a larger center thinking that VFC would get the results faster... it didn't really work. I was waiting in line at the lab and everything! The clinic didn't get my results until this afternoon. As usual, I was worried that it might be bad since it was taking forever. I...

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