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Operation: Baby


Counting Down

Posted by dawnkey , 18 October 2011 · 972 views

It's now the 19th of October. I take my last BCP in 10 days. In 14 days I go for bloodwork for my suppression check and if all goes well, in 15 days from this very moment, I'll be giving myself the first injections. Just to get to this place where everything is possible is amazing to me. I finally printed all the paperwork we will need to take with us to...


Challenging Times

Posted by dawnkey , 04 October 2011 · 798 views

You know when your about to embark on something wonderful? That's how I'm feeling - very positive. I still have nagging fears but I'm trying very hard to focus on what could be an amazing journey. Which brings me to this past week. It seems like when something wonderful is about to happen in my life, I get obstacles thrown at me. In my life, I have learne...


Another new start

Posted by dawnkey , 27 September 2011 · 836 views

About 2 weeks ago, we were told that our RE received the report from the endocrinologist recommending that we go ahead with IVF. We have our dates but I can't get excited this time. It seems kind of far away but I'm afraid that we'll be told that there's another road block. As it stands right now, I go for suppression check on Nov 2nd and if all goes well...


I love my endocrinologist!

Posted by dawnkey , 02 September 2011 · 986 views

Yesterday was the day I was dreading and afraid of for 8 weeks - my endocrinologist appointment to talk about my thyroid issue.  I read a lot online and had an idea about my diagnosis by test results, symptoms, etc. I had a strong feeling that I had Grave's disease.  When reading online, Dr. Google is not very helpful.. and is downright scary to be ho...


Next Steps

Posted by dawnkey , 12 August 2011 · 883 views

It's been awhile since I updated my blog.  I know my subtitle says 'determined to get a BFP in 2010' but it's going to be at least 2012 until we can try now. On July 20th, I had my calendar set up, my meds in hand, time off from work and the support of our families. On July 21st - we were advised that IVF would be put on hold because my TS...


Yay Provera!

Posted by dawnkey , 01 June 2011 · 712 views

After ovulating in March, this cycle - nada. I'm currently on CD 57 and starting Provera tomorrow. I'm really not excited about taking it since the last time I did, I was bed ridden for about 5 days. I'm supposed to take it for 7 days and then start Femara on CD3.  My only problem is that DH and I were planning to go to NS to visit my family f...


Trying a little something new for a few months..

Posted by dawnkey , 22 April 2011 · 719 views

This afternoon, I got a chance to talk to our RE by phone and he was just as kind and considerate as ever. I was a little worried because I sent the good doctor an email and his response was 'I think we should talk over the phone.' I was honestly afraid he was going to dump me for being a pain in the butt. Sometimes, ok - usually - I think the wor...


A plan... kind of.

Posted by dawnkey , 08 April 2011 · 765 views

On April 20th, it'll mark our one year anniversary since our first appointment with the RE. We have yet to start any form of ART due to the lining issues I had. Once we got the news that my lining was finally healthy again - I stopped the Megace and started taking Metformin to see if it would help regulate my cycles. It worked! Much quicker than I...


Ovulation already? I'm not sure...

Posted by dawnkey , 30 March 2011 · 870 views

So, I had my surgery on March 8th, got the fantastic news that my uterus is finally healthy and was advised to stop Megace and start Metformin instead.  In the meantime, I had lost about 20lbs and am now only 4.5 lbs away from losing 10% of my start weight. I started Metformin about 12 days ago - I'm up to 1000mg/day and not really having any side eff...



Posted by dawnkey , 18 March 2011 · 718 views

I got a call from Dr. Hudson tonight and my pathology report came back normal! Dr. Hudson wants me to start Metformin again to see if I start ovulating on my own.. and to keep doing Weight Watchers and losing weight.  That's all the plan is for now... I need to start charting my stupid temperature again (in case by some miracle I ovulate! lol)...

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