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Silverdollar's Blog Part 2 -The Pregnant Pause


A new home for my blog

Posted by silverdollar , 26 June 2011 · 4213 views

I've reached the 13 week milestone -Hello 2nd trimester! Now I'm just  waiting for that wave of energy to hit like I keep reading about in all  the books.I've also decided to find a new home for my  blog. I have been itching to blog about all the wonderful things about  being pregnant (and complain about a few of the less fun parts too), b...


First Veggie Harvest

Posted by silverdollar , 16 June 2011 · 2480 views

Back in early April on the day after my egg retrieval, my husband and I planted the first seeds of the season in our little veggie garden. After a poor crop last season, we decided to put a better effort in this  year so we replenished the soil with organic matter, and made sure to  be on top of the regular watering. Plants can't grow in poor soil, or...


Coming out of the PG Closet

Posted by silverdollar , 15 June 2011 · 2114 views

Up until this last ultrasound my husband and and kept the news of this pregnancy to ourselves and the grandparents-to-be (and the whole community LOL). Something changed in my husband when he saw all that waving and kicking and a smiling (beaming) fertility doctor at the other end of the u/s wand. It was like he suddenly felt very connected to this...


Graduation Day

Posted by silverdollar , 11 June 2011 · 3493 views

It is said that it takes an entire village to raise a child, well, sometimes it takes a whole village just to create one. As I wrote out a thank you card to the staff at VFC that were involved in our care, I realized there were 12 people and each and every one of them played an important role in making this dream a reality. Yesterday was our last appointm...


A New Yoga Class

Posted by silverdollar , 08 June 2011 · 2150 views

I went to my first prenatal yoga class last night. I've been doing  yoga for years, but lately I've been finding the regular classes are not  working as well for me with some of the positions. During the last standard class I went to I ended up having to modify 2/3 of the poses, so I decided it was time to drop in to the prenatal class and see wha...


New York, New York

Posted by silverdollar , 29 May 2011 · 1676 views

**** Pregnancy content to follow****Wow, it feels like ages since I've blogged. There is a lot to update.Firstly the week away in New York City was super fun. It's quite a departure from our usual vacations where we go places to escape from crowds. When we got the invite to this cousin's Bar Mitzvah event a couple of years back, we decided may...


One of a Kind Special Edition

Posted by silverdollar , 16 May 2011 · 1916 views

I had my 1st obstetrical ultrasound this morning. At first it started out just like the hundred or so ovary scans I've had. I was just as nervous as all of those, if not more so. My RE said these are the scans he finds the most nerve wracking too. The wand went in and a large black circle appeared on the screen. Then he changed the angle a bit and the...


Naughty Uterus

Posted by silverdollar , 11 May 2011 · 2464 views

Well, I've spent the past 5 weeks following the clinic instructions  -no exercise, no heavy lifting, no baths, no hot tubs, and no sex all to avoid uterine contractions until the after first u/s. Seemed pretty simple.But, I guess my uterus had a mind of it's own last night ;) . Usually having a sexy dream and waking up in the middle of the night h...


It's All in the Cup

Posted by silverdollar , 07 May 2011 · 1256 views

Well, I just had an experience that took me back to my 12 year old self when I went bra shopping today. My breasts have been busting (no pun intended) out of the roomiest sports bra I currently own (and when I think back I bought that one back in 1998). After wearing the roughly same size bra since grade 6, it was time to face the music that maybe I neede...


Trying out a New Blog Title

Posted by silverdollar , 05 May 2011 · 1815 views

***Warning Pregnancy Content to Follow***I'm trying out a new title for my blog for now. I chose to call it the Pregnant Pause, because after years of infertility those 40 some odd weeks of pregnancy are like a brief moment in time. I was a bit worried yesterday because I had a burst of energy after feeling so fatigued for the past few weeks, and I ye...

About me

We have been TTC since 2008 when we were newlywed and just barely into our 30's. I'm now 33 and running low on eggs.

Initially I thought becoming a mom would be a snap with my text book regular ovulatory cycles. After the first year of trying au natural, we started investigating. All the standard diagnostics (blood work, HSG, u/s, and SA's) came back normal. We were told we had unexplained infertility, would probably get pregnant on our own, and spent 7 months waiting for the RE appointment. While waiting, we tried all the low tech stuff, saw an OBGYN and Urologist. But still no luck.

3 rounds of Clomid + timed intercourse (aka 7 day sex marathon) -BFN's

I had diagnostic surgery (laparoscopy, hydrotubation, hysteroscopy and D&C) April 7, 2010. This revealed and removed a small uterine polyp, and a mild stage 1 endometriosis adhesion on my right ovary. Not thought to be a big problem. Tried for 3 more natural cycles.

IUI #1 with letrozole was a disaster. My FSH and E2 levels went sky high and caused an early ovulation of my one lonely follicle. The RE broke the news that my ovarian reserve was probably low during the IUI procedure. Devastated.

IUI #2 with injectable stims, 150 Gonal F gave me 3 mature follicles to meet the fantastic sperm sample but nothing took -BFN.

IUI #3 same injectable protocol, 4 mature follicles, great sperm, warned of high risk of multiples -BFN. That's strike 3 for IUI, one month break, on to IVF.

Sonohysterogram shows irregular lining, surprise office D&C/ endometrial biopsy OUCH! -results all normal

IVF #1 Microflare Protocol (BCP, microdose Suprefact, Dexamthasone, 300 Gonal-F 75 Luveris) only 4 follicles! canceled/converted to IUI d/t poor response & irregular lining :icon_cry: BFN

3 months on DHEA, no beard yet.

Laminaria seaweed stretch of cervix + Surgical Hysteroscopy & D&C Feb 8th -to get the lining in better shape to cycle again.

IVF attempt #2 March 2011 with a natural start short antagonist protocol. Canceled due to a dominant follicle & low AFC (3).

IVF attempt #3 April 2011 using an Estrogen Priming Protocol with Antagonist -AFC of 4, 3 follicles responded, 3 eggs retrieved, 2 were mature, both fertilized, 2 good embryos to transfer! Beta #1 at 11dp3dt =236, Beta #2 at 14dp3dt =1167 BFP 1st u/s May 16th one little bean equipped with heartbeat, all looks on track size wise. 2nd u/s at 11 weeks -June 10th All is well, released to an OB.

Fertility Treatment By Numbers

Cycles of TTC -36
Trips to the clinic -32
Kilometers driven -8000

Hours driving -128
Surgeries - 3
Units of FSH injected -5500

Dollars-$22 177
Laughs -lots
Tears shed -too many

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