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more then two embryos?

Posted by mmv , 23 May 2011 · 1880 views

When things fail one after another and nothing seems to work, I have last thing to try is IVF #3. How different can it be to be successful? I was suggested once to consider transferring more then two embryos. I do not know if my clinic will accept it.
Does anyone has similar experiences? And if yes, how many were transferred?

We transferred 3 the first (unsuccesful) time and 4 the second (successful) - but it was done at our RE's suggestion. And we did a day 3 transfer. If it had been left up to me, I'd likely have gone with fewer; especially since the embryologist said the second lot were 'beautiful'. My DH was also on the ' the more the merrier' side. In the end we went with what our RE suggested because he's the pro and we needed to trust him.

Fingers crossed for clarity and success for you!
Thanks a lot, I guess I should ask for 4 possibly if my clinic will accept it. I was getting compliments on the embryos every time, and my re said that he will not do more then 2 as I will come and burn his house. but nothing worked out so far. I had a second opinion consultation with Dr Hannam last year and he suggested to consider more then 2, but no real number was mentioned. Unfortunately I didn't end up as his patient as got pregnant the next month and was happy for 20 weeks. I had to loose a baby at 20 weeks due to severe kidney issue. I was told that baby won;t be able to live. It was a heart breaking experience. I still don't know how I managed to get through.
This has to be my last try... I just know I need to make every single thing for it to be successful.
Sorry to hear of your loss ((You)) - I know how hard it is to get safely past the initial 12 weeks and then have things go badly.

I guess the point of my post was you really need to work with your RE/clinic on these sorts of decisions. Good luck!
Exact same boat, actually and just in the 2ww after IVF#3. I tried to talk my RE into transferring 3 but they refuse to unless the woman is over 37. What we did try differently this time is Assisted hatching and transferring 2 five days blasts. We don't "want" multiples per se, but we do want a successful pregnany after all of this heartbreak. Best of luck with your decisions!!
Mouse, I read your profile. Yes after 12 weeks you feel like you are there! and nothing else can happen. I thanked god every morning for my miracle...

Jennykash, good luck on your 2 ww, hope it works this time.
At this point I don't care if I have multiples, as long as I can have healthy babies, nothing else matters to me. But I'm so lost with my unexplained failures that I'm loosing hope to get one.
I'd agree with Mouse - speaking with your RE and going with their advice would make the most sense to me - they certainly want you to have a healthy baby out of all this.

Good luck!
I am so sorry about your loss. How incredibly difficult that must have been. I also think you should talk to your dr. He knows you the best and I would also mention the second opinion. I am not a fan of transferring more than 2 embies at all, but there is no "one fits all" universal approach. It also depends on whether you will do a 3 day or a 5 day transfer. With a 3 day I think 3 - 4 is perfectly reasonable given your prior experience. With a 5 day transfer I'd be a bit more careful. I think it's hard to stay grounded if you want something this much and it's not happening, so I completely understand your desire to do all you can to make sure it works, but ultimately I would really go with your doctor's opinion. That's what he is there for.

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