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Mixed emotions on this commercial holiday

Posted by impatient , 12 May 2013 · 1209 views

"Special regards to all women today, bio moms step moms, aunts, and friends, women who extend themselves whatever the circumstances for the love of others."
A friend of mine posted that on FB today.  It was so refreshing to look past the many, many "I'm so lucky" posts and family portraits (most of which in my opinion served no purpose but to...


Life After Infertility

Posted by impatient , 14 June 2012 · 2376 views

I'm being sarcastic.  We all know that once infertility hits, it's with you for life, whether your dreams come true or not.For those of us who haven't rolled the lucky dice, it's holding our hand even tighter.  There's no positive HPT or heartbeat on an ultrasound to mark a transition between life as an infertility patient and life as...


Aaaahhh ... family.

Posted by impatient , 28 July 2011 · 1971 views

Thank you all for your support over the last few days.  It was very upsetting to have a blow out with my Mom.  We're very close and her inappropriate comments really cut into me.I realized that infertility is so much a part of my daily life that I just take it forgranted that everyone else in this world should just have a common sense understanding of...


Help me find a new hobby ...

Posted by impatient , 31 March 2011 · 3139 views

Okay, guys, I`m calling on you to help me.I`m spending way too much time on (and generally surfing the Net) and now that the in-laws are long gone, and now that we`ve moved into our new house, I think it`s time for me to find a new activity.  (Not that `ll never be coming back here - I just need a little balance in my life.   :) )So, send me your...


kangaroos and other reminders

Posted by impatient , 22 December 2010 · 1497 views

Many people here have tried to encourage me by saying, "Don't give up!  It's all worth it in the end."Well, yes, if it works, it IS all worth it.  But if it doesn't work and doesn't look like it's going to, and if it causes more harm than good, then no, it's not worth it.DH and I went to Australia for three weeks and it...


swish of a horse's tail

Posted by impatient , 04 October 2010 · 1706 views

The last couple of weeks have been stressful, to say the least.  To help myself stay sane, every day I've found an inspirational saying to focus on.  Yesterday, the one I chose was, "Karma can change life like the swish of a horse's tail."Yesterday, our appointment for ET was at 11:15.  As of Saturday, we were down to one embryo, and they...


Crazy Week Pays Off!

Posted by impatient , 01 October 2010 · 1337 views

:banana: Woohooo!!!  So far we're going for three out of three ...1) Yes!  I was diagnosed with narcolepsy!  (Okay, I know that doesn't sound like a good thing, but after 10 months of having trouble keeping my eyes open during the day and suffering from cataplexy attacks if I don't nap regularly, it is such a HUGE relief th...


Crazy Week

Posted by impatient , 29 September 2010 · 1054 views

Well, this has to be one of the more crazy weeks in my life ...1) Today I finally have my appointment with the sleep specialist and I'll find out whether or not I have narcolepsy.2) Tomorrow I have my egg retrieval for the most disappointing IVF ever.  We'll find out if we're working with two, one or zero mature eggs.3)  We're in negotiati...


If this doesn't work, who am I?

Posted by impatient , 20 September 2010 · 1347 views

Growing up, I never really cared one way or another if I would become a mother.  I guess I always figured that it was there waiting for me if I wanted it.I never gave it too much thought because it seemed that the more challenging question was whether I could find a man I could tolerate enough to actually want to share parenthood with.  I didn't think...


Maslow's hierarchy of needs has been revised

Posted by impatient , 25 August 2010 · 2009 views

I was driving to work yesterday and I heard on the radio that Maslow's hierarchy of needs pyramid has been revised.  The top triangle, which used to be 'Self-Actualization', has been changed to 'Parenting'.Hearing that, I was flooded with emotions and bad memories of the last few years, and right then and there I started to cry.It felt...

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