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Embaby on Board! The closest we have ever been to pg in 3 years and 8 months.

Posted by Luckypenny , 11 May 2010 · 2146 views

Yeserday was ET day. I didn't realize how anxious I would be each day after ER waiting to hear if the eggs had fertilized, if the ones that had fertilized had continued to grow properly. Even yesterday going to pick up the embaby, we didn't really know what was waiting for us at the clinic. I spend enough time on the internet (too much? ;) ), to know that what you have 3days after ER is not really a good indicator of what is going to be waiting for you at the clinic 5days post retrieval.

As we drove down to the clinic I thought about how life will never be perfect. I know that's kind of a wierd thing to think about, but in the midst of what has been a pretty good cycle, and my very first ART cycle after my DH and I deciding to try and start a family in September 2006 - 3 years and 8 months ago, life isn't perfect. My older brother and I aren't getting along very well (luckily I have 3 other sibs - hehe, just kidding :P ). That situation is way too long for a blog. 34 years of history b/n two people that are so much alike can get complicated. And on Sunday I found out that the mother of the girl I am matched with through Big Sister's is very sick again. I knew when we were matched that there were health issues in the family. My little has 3 siblings, 2 have lots of issues, including medical issues. I found out shortly after we were matched that her mom has alot of serious health complications too. Her mom is a single parent and they don't have any close family. It's a pretty scary situation. I guess the point is that I'm someone who has always struggled with feeling guilty if I'm happy when people around me are struggling and unhappy. I think I've finally started to realize that everyone in my life can't all be happy at the same time. I can't wait to be happy until everyone else is. All I can do is try and be supportive, but I can't "make" other people happy. My feeling unhappy and sad for them doesn't actually make them feel any better.

I did a guided meditation on my ipod in the car ride down and it helped to relax and clear my mind.

When we got to the clinic I had a few ivf.ca moments, which was great :) On one of my embryo update blogs I mentioned that we had 7 embryos. KL responded with the names of the seven dwarves. Oddly, one of the women that works at the clinic was wearing a shirt with the seven dwarves embroidered on it. Not scrubs - just a shirt that she happened to be wearing. What a wierd coincidence!

As we were sitting waiting for the doc I looked up and saw Lisa1995 at the counter. I was so glad that I had been to a meet-up and we had met and I recognized her. It was so nice to get an in person "good luck!". I told my DH about her journey and how they have been successful after having testing done through Alan Beer's and treatment from Dr. V. Lisa is 30 week's pregnant and when I told DH that things are going well he said "yes, I can see that". Silly DH :rolleyes:

When the embryologist had called me on Saturday she had let me know that Dr. V was on call yesterday. So I knew we may be a bit delayed, but its incredible how sloooowly time goes when your bladder is full. Dr V was at the hospital when our transfer was scheduled for at 10am, so my bladder felt horrible by the time he got back. I was just about to go to the counter and ask if I could empty and start over, and then he walked in. He called us into his office at about 10:30am.

Dr. V was obviously behind schedule and he didn't even sit down when he brought us into his office, just stood behind the desk and talked to us (and ate nuts out of a styrofoam cup. He had probably had a long morning). He said that we made some very nice embryos. He said that the one we transfered was a bit ahead in development, spectacular, good enough to sell on ebay (he said that twice!) and that only 2% of the embryos they have at their clinic make it to the stage it did (the grade was 5AB0). When he put it in (he's slick - it took like seconds!), he said that it should be hatching in a couple of hours :eggchick: . Then he said "so, don't drop the ball!". He gave me the petri dish when he was done and a pat on the knee (the Dr. V sign of affection ;) ) and said sorry that we had to wait. I said that's okay, we understand. And I do. If it was me at the hospital and I needed his time and attention, I would appreciate that he was there. We have two to freeze for sure, that he said were lovely. There is one other one that he's not sure if it will make it to freezing. I like to think that my pursuit of trying to single handedly support the alternative health care system in my area has something to do with the results, but then again DH had great sperm and it's all I can do to get him to take a multi vitamin! Our ivf embies did way better than our icsi ones, and Dr. V said that the icsi was a waste of money but at least we know that DH's sperm can fertilize now.

So, part of this cycle for us was diagnostic b/c we are unexplained. The two things he was looking to learn from this cycle was: could DH's sperm actually fertilize an egg, even if it looks good on paper, and he wanted to see egg quality. So the cycle basically still leaves our dx as completely unexplained.

So, now the two week wait begins ( :pray: ), but for today I'm happy :) We made a stop for bagels on the way home (I don't eat a lot of wheat, and I think this is my favorite part of any Markham visits where i have an actual procedure ). Stopped close to home to rent a few movies. When we got home I put in the progesterone and had a 2 hour nap :th_asleep: Today consisted of more lounging, movie and tv watching and I fell asleep on the couch for about 45minutes. I think the drives to and from the clinic (2 hours one way) for the last three weeks did wear me out a bit and the naps were nice :)

I know that b/c we're unexplained this cycle could go either way. I am grateful to this site every day. Stories like Lisa1995's and ttc#1's, just to name a couple, are incredible inspirations and give me hope that even if this cycle isn't THE cycle for us, that one day we will be able to concieve.

A few things were better during this cycle than before. I had seen a picture of my uterus at our initial consult in October. At our follow up appointment I saw a picture of the inside of my uterus, but not a picture of what the shape looked like after the surgery. Dr. V did say that b/c my septum was tiny and I only had one small spot of endo that it was even more reason to do ivf b/c neither would be the main reason for our ivf. During one of my ultrasounds when I was cycling the tech printed a picture of my uterus (b/c one of my ovaries was high. In fact they were both hard to access). The shape of my uterus looks a lot better than prior to my surgery, which I hope may help. Also, I finished a chelating program for heavy metals, specifically lead in my case, one week before my ivf cycle started. I had done heavy metal testing through my naturopathic doctor in January and found out right before my surgery that my lead levels were "extremely high". I started chelating right after my surgery. I had one cycle between my surgery and our ivf cycle that I wasn't taking any hormones (no BCP and no hormones for my septum). It seemed like a perfect cycle, but because I was chelating we couldn't ttc that month (too many metals were coming out of my system). I'm not sure what effect the heavy metals were having on my fertily, but I suspect that it may have been one contributing factor.

This site and the wonderful women on it have been absolutely a God-send for me from the time we decided to move forward with ART. Every question I have, someone is ready with insight, knowledge and advice. That is priceless and I can't begin to express what a difference it has made. I would be a stressed ball of nerves without this site and all of you :wub:

May 11 2010 05:46 PM
I am crossing my fingers, nose and toes for you!!!!
Thanks for the shout out LP! :flowers: :HeartGlomp:

You know I am rooting for you all the way! :HeartGlomp:
Good luck!!! Wishing you tons of luck!!
Good luck!
May 11 2010 07:09 PM
Cheering you on!!! :HeartGlomp:
My fingers are crossed that your little one is snuggling in!
What a neat experience for an ET, Heidi! So excited, and sending out massive sticky vibes... We need some kind of velcro emoticon!
Hoping the very best for you! :)
May 11 2010 11:11 PM
so glad it went well!
All the best to you
Good luck! Sounds like you're off to a great start with your 2ww!
All the best, LP ... I've been following your and other stories on the Markham thread since I'm a patient there as well. It seems like they're always late before the transfer! I think for 3 out of the 4 transfers I've had there I started out all right, but ended up cranky and in pain and going to the desk to say "what's going on!!??" (And DH telling me I'm wearing my cranky emotions all over my face!!) Your embryo sounds fantastic and I'm so praying it grows and thrives.
May 12 2010 09:12 AM
I know how it feels to come to this point. I had never made it until just recently unfortnately it didn't work for me. But i'm hoping and praying you get your BFP. :)
May 12 2010 10:41 AM
All the very best to you!!!!

Wishing you the best, LP.

May 12 2010 10:54 AM
Good luck Luckypenny! Grow embies, grow! :)
Hmm. EbayEmbaby? :( That is absolutely encouraging and funny. Here's hoping the other side of the 2ww is ++++++++++++++++++++++!!!

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